About Me

Hi, I'm Abby and I am so happy you found me!  I started my blog in 2010 as a single gal ready to document the adventures on my road to turning 30.  I made it to 30 and then some and now I blog about all things beauty with a little bit of my life as a stay at home mom to a sweet 5 year old and a fire wife thrown in too.  I usually just tell it like it is...what I think, I write... so sometimes that can be pretty random and raw but I consider this blog a form of therapy for myself!! 

I love:
*lip gloss (duh)
*yoga pants (double duh)
*nail polish
*fall weather
* Ohio State Buckeyes(the hubs and I are both OSU alumni)
*Makeup and beauty products
*iced coffee
*dabbling in photography
*music...all kinds!
*bar crawls
*themed parties
*pink...I love pink!
*my family

I got married to this amazing fella in April 2013

and 9 months later (honeymoon baby, I swear) we had little miss Ellie Louise in January 2014

We have one black lab named Reggie 

and one cat: Squeeks

That's about it.  
Grab yourself a cocktail, hang out and read a few random thoughts by me...and thanks for stopping by!!

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