Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: Life Lately

One Wednesday a month one of my favorite bloggers, Shay @ Mix and Match Mama and several of her friends host a link up and it always seems like the perfect way to jump back in to blogging.  By answering these questions I can pretty much sum up my life and what we have been up to in a nutshell. 
So, without further life lately:

1/// What we're eating this week...   We have been obsessed with these salmon patties you can purchase at Sam's Club or probably most grocery stores. They are soooooooo good and really easy to stick in the oven with some veggies for a super quick and healthy meal. Even my three year old loves these!  Try themImage result for sam's club salmon patties
2/// What I'm reminiscing about... Since changing the blog name I started looking back at old posts and found myself totally getting lost in post after post and picture after picture of my life over the last 7 years.  So many fun memories...I love reminiscing!!!

3/// What I'm loving...  Why was the first thing that came to my mind wine?!?!  Like, no specific type or brand, just wine.  I guess I will leave this question with that answer.  I am loving me some wine. 

4/// What we've been up to... Oh you know, just a little bar crawl to raise money for cancer research.  We have done the Crawl for Cancer for several years now and at some point we decided we needed to go with a theme. Here is a picture from our first crawl (pre-theme)

  We have done so many fun themes but this year may have been my favorite and one of the most fun yet....Trailer Park/Redneck.  It was hilarious. I went the route of the "jazzed up" yet trashy lady complete with PBR beer cans in my hair as rollers and house slippers. My cousins were equally as hilarious with mullets, pajama shorts and pants and jorts (jean shorts). We had a blast.

5/// What I'm Dreading... Hmmm, I cannot think of anything I am completely dreading other then the humidity this summer.  Gaawwww i hate humidity!!!  

6/// What I am working on... We have several house projects we are beginning to work on: new flooring, finishing a room in our basement, painting the bathrooms.  Other then those fun HGTV wanna be tasks I am also currently working on marketing my freelance makeup artistry business.  Check it out if you need a makeup artist for a wedding, event or even if you just want a lesson on how to do your makeup!!  Abby French Beauty LLC

7/// What I'm Excited About...  I have so many fun things coming up I am super excited for!!! My sisters bachelorette party is this weekend which I am so excited about.  I also have a long weekend planned with my amazing group of friends from grade school/high school. We are heading to Indian Beach...sort of by Clear water Beach.  We live all over the place so it is so special to get to spend quality time with my girls sans kids or distractions. 

8/// What I'm Watching/Reading...  Sooooooo somehow I got talked in to watching the old school show Twin Peaks.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. The hubby said he was sort of interested especially because they recently released a new season like 27 years later and so I went along with it.... I seriously can't tell you if I like it or hate it. It is really strange and weird but at the same time I want to know what is going to happen so I keep watching. Anyone else have any opinions on this show?!?!?!

9/// What I'm Listening To...  Books on Audible, like all day every day. It's basically how I "read" any book lately. I love audio books!!!  Music wise, I hate to admit but I am kind of in love with that song by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee, "Despacito" feat Justin Bieber. I mean, I have no idea what in the hell they are saying because it is mostly in Spanish...but I love it and I can't help it. I am also loving Drake White, especially the song "Makin' Me Look Good Again" good!!!!

10/// What I'm Wearing... Um yoga pants.  duh

11/// What I'm Doing This Weekend..  My sisters bachelorette party!!! I am her maid of honor so I have sort of planned most of it and I am sooooo excited to hang out with her, her friends and some of our family to celebrate this chapter of her life coming to a close and a new one starting. I cannot believe my little sister is getting married...but that is a topic for another post.

12/// What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... My girls trip to the beach, I mean duh. Also we fly to Denver at the end of next month for my sisters wedding.... so that will be exciting and challenging. It will be the first time Ellie will fly so I am excited to see what she thinks. that is about it for the questions. Hope you had a great hump day!!!

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