Tuesday, May 30, 2017

New Name but Still Fearless and Laughing

I am so excited to share with all of you the new name and look of my blog!!!  I have loved my little blog over the years...it has been such a great place for me to share my feelings, my random thoughts and pictures...so.many.pictures!  I have grown so much over the last almost 8 years. I mean, just read my first ever blog post waaaay back in 2010 HERE.  Good lord...I was worried about turning 30!  Some of the stuff I have written over the years is a little cringe worthy when I read it now, but I couldn't bring myself to delete it.

There is a long story as to why my previous blog name, Fearless & Laughing, became somewhat unavailable to me but it came at the perfect time. For years I have thought about changing the name because as the years have gone by my life has changed.  Those two words will always remain two words I still strive to live by and do daily, be fearless and laugh, however that spoke to me more when I was 29, trying to get over a divorce and find myself and making this blog.

I am now 36, happily married, a working makeup artist and a mom.  This blog is less about bar crawls (although I still do them...more on that tomorrow) or finding random adventures to fill my time and more about being a mom...being a wife...finding humor in the small everyday things. This blog is about my life, which will always be random and will always be similar to how I was at 29 worrying about turning 30...but now I have different worries, different inspirations and more to say.

At 36 I have a bigger voice then I ever did at 29. I know who I am, I know what I want and I am so truly happy with my life.  I love lip gloss...it makes any face look pretty and more awake! and OH MY GAWD I love yoga pants....specifically athletic stretchy ones that help hold in my mom legs/butt/thighs.  (see below...also my cute family and dogs)

I mean, is there anything more comfortable then a nice pair of stretchy yoga pants, a comfy (but cute) tee and some lip gloss... I say HELL to the NO and that is why I decided to name my new and improved blog LIP GLOSS & YOGA PANTS.  Apparently those closest to me agree that those two things are sort of my favorite because when I polled family and friends with a list of 15 different possible new blog names, this one came back as the winner more then any of them.

What can i say...I love yoga pants, lip gloss...my family/friends...wine...makeup...and iced coffee.

I hope you will join me in this new journey and adventure as I continue writing yet another chapter of my life and having it documented for all to see.  I once read a quote in a magazine and I have no idea who said it but it spoke to me. When people ask me why I blog...this is why:

"I wanted a similar space to hers. I wanted it to be a love letter to my kids. I want them to look back on this space years from now and read every feeling, see every joy and be able to know every tear.  They will see in the images and stories an unimaginable love for them."

I write because it feeds my soul, because it helps me figure things out...I document with stories and words on a blog because I want my daughter to know who I was as she was growing up. I want her to be able to look back when she has a child of her own and read how I handled this crazy life. I hope she laughs at me...I hope I give her courage to speak her own mind.

I love to blog and I hope you love to read it. Thanks for all that do!!!

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