Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WHW: Toddler Makeup

I use to do a "Beauty Wednesday" which I loved because I love anything beauty related...but then my mom told me she never really read it.  Let's just say I did not get my love of makeup from her and she is not interested in anything beauty related. Except for that one time she did actually read it and was like, "wow I actually learned something from that post, maybe I should start reading your beauty Wednesdays..." but then she never read it again. of my guy friends that reads my blog said he always skipped beauty Wednesday, which is way more understandable then my mom skipping it, unless you know my which case you would totally understand her not reading it.
Love you mom!

Wow...really got off topic...
My original point...because I used to talk about beauty related things on Wednesday I thought I would share the cutest little two year old starting to follow in her mama's footsteps.
Every morning while I put my makeup on (ok, not EVERY morning...this stay at home mama has no reason to do it EVERY morning) Ellie has gotten into the habit of wanting to sit on the counter and put her "makeup" on too.  Of course this melts me to the core!!!

As you can tell I gave her an old blush and brush...and the finished result was a little like a sun burn. I am going to have to work with her!!!
After this lovely mess, I did start to give her an empty compact and brush and that seems to work just as well for her but does not leave a mess.  I really do love her interest in makeup and hope that as time goes on I can teach her the right ways to use it and still be age appropriate.  Nothing worse then seeing a 12 year old with the darkest black eye liner in a circle all around her poor pretty eyes!!!!
 So there you have heart is happy watching my little lady falling in love with makeup! 

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