Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekending...We Went to Salt Fork!

Hey guys! So I just realized I didn't post at all last week except to fill you in on what we did LAST whoops!  
The only big thing that happened last week was that the husband finished his 40 hour work week schedule and gets to go back to a platoon schedule...let me explain a tiny bit.  He started going to paramedic school thru his work with the city of Columbus (he is a firefighter)  and with him going to school, they changed their schedule to Mon-Thur 8-6 every week...these guys didn't like it at all and missed their normal schedule of 24 hours at work and 48 hours after 11 months they get to finally go back to their favorite schedule and my husband is so excited.  I know it sounds weird and complicated but he loves the platoon schedule and really didn't love sitting in a classroom 10 hours a day for 4 days straight.

Complicated and I know most people work 5 days a week for 8+ hours every day, but that is not what Joe likes and he knows it so he chose a career that lets him do what he loves on a schedule he loves...
Let's get to our weekend, shall we!!


We pretty much took the entire day and hung outside because the weather was so nice.  Basically: sand, bubbles and walks sums up this day!

We got a new bubble machine that pumps out some SERIOUS bubbles...
like, so. many. bubbles.

And then there is the sand...oh how this mama despises the sand...but oh how Ellie loves it so.  I have to really just "let it go" and I usually give up and let her go to town...and then she does things like this and I die laughing. 
I mean who does this?!?!


We had purchased a one night stay at Salt Fork State Park Lodge over a year ago at an auction and totally forgot to use it until we realized it expired at the end of this we booked a night and hit the road for the lodge.  Neither one of us had ever been, but were pleasantly surprised.  

The rooms were cute and the decor everywhere was very "cabin/lodge rustic"....which is not my typical style, but for a state park lodge it fit perfectly. Joe LOVED the decor and said he would love to have a house that looked like thanks buddy, love ya!
Our room, with a little balcony.

The view from the balcony.  A cute little fire pit and down the hill you could walk and they have a bunch of two bedroom cabins to rent right on the lake. 

We did walk around and explore a little...we were at a state park after all, so we felt a little obligated to be one with nature for part of the day! We had hoped it would be nice enough to rent kayaks and get out on the water, but it turns out the marina doesn't open until May 1...we will have to go back for that for sure though. 

We made our way down to the restaurant for dinner and this is were the husband fell in love with the decor...cute for a lodge, not for my house.

  Our food was really good, and they had a great selection of prices and food items..and they had tater tots so I was in heaven!

Lastly we made our way over to the "lounge" where we talked the night away with perfect strangers that quickly became our best friends...and by quickly I mean after a few drinks...and as I learned the next day, I had a few too many drinks. Blah...can't hang like I could in my 20's!!!

According to my aunt, the bartender at Salt Fork makes amazing long island ice teas....which is never my drink of choice, however I felt obligated to give it a try.  It was sooooo good, sooooo dangerous....soooo the reason I was best friends forever with half the bar by the end of the night.  I mean one drink has like 5 shots in it... just typing that makes my stomach flip flop. Might be a while before i drink another one of those again!

So, yeah we had a really fun time...had a few too many drinks but made some great friends...enjoyed nature. We would totally go back!!
Random fact I had no clue about:  apparently Salt Fork is VERY well known for having Big Foot sightings...they even house the annual Big Foot Conference there every year.  
I mean, who knew?!?!?


Recover from Saturday.  

Good times this past weekend for sum it up: my daughter loves bubbles and sand, I can't drink like I could in my 20's, my husband likes lodge decor, a big foot conference actually exists.  
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Those bubble pics are just precious
    Don't feel bad, I'm not as good as I once was in the drinking dept. either
    At least you made friends though, right?

  2. Her sunglasses! SO precious! And ooh girl, those teas will sneak up on you!

  3. Looking at children play, they are so cute.