Monday, April 4, 2016 it really April already!?!

But is it April?!?! When did this happen?  I mean I don't mind seeing winter months pass us by, but I just can't believe summer is right around the corner.  Time to step up my game with this 21 day fix stuff!!!! T-minus 2 months till bathing suit season hits us.  I can't even think about buying a bathing suit right now, but I guess I have to get over it and start my search.  With Ellie having so much energy and personality these days I just know my saving grace this summer will be the pool! 

Speaking of that personality...these pictures from our Friday are hilarious! 
Let's get to our weekend...

We spent Friday trying to enjoy the weather as much as we could.  We got out in our neighborhood for a walk and Ellie actually sat in her stroller.  This little lady has been anti-stroller since she could walk pretty much.  I haven't even attempted putting her in there in a while so I was so happy when she acted like it was a new toy and loved it.  I am sure the sunglasses, water and goldfish helped too.

She had to help daddy walk Reggie...and as you can see she didn't stay in the stroller the entire walk.  I can't complain because she did great, but she also likes to get out and walk and we are fine with that because it helps her burn off some of that toddler energy. 

 Old sass pants...these sunglasses kill me every time!


We headed to Columbus to visit my husbands dad and his wife so they could give Ellie her Easter basket since we didn't get to see them on actual Easter.  After dropping Ellie off with my mother-in-law we met up with friends for some dinner/drinks/karaoke to celebrate a birthday.  It was so much fun and so nice to see people we don't usually get to hang out with. We stayed up waaaaay too long and may have had a few too many drinks, but it was totally worth it.  
This is the only picture I have from that night and boy is it a nice one...sarcasm.  I must have thought the singer wasn't awesome...or maybe they were trying to get me to sing and I was having none of that...who knows. The point is we had fun and this is a funny picture.


Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday basically. I had started to get a pretty bad cold Friday but decided to ignore it because I was so excited to see all of our friends.  That plan didn't quite work out so well because by Sunday morning my cold was pretty bad...and my hangover wasn't super awesome either.
Not a good combo. 
I only managed to take one picture that day...
Yup...sometimes she bites her toenails.  It is pretty impressive that she can get her foot into her mouth, it also grosses me out and I have to make her stop. Luckily she does not do this very often so I don't have to worry too much about breaking this habit.  

There you have it...a really fun busy Saturday flanked by two really slow lazy days. Hope your weekend was super awesome too.

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  1. How cute is she in her sunglasses?! I've been loving enjoying the weather, too.