Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekending...I finally saw GARTH!!!

You guys...this past weekend the weather was AMAZING! Highs in the 70's and not humid yet...which is my jam, I hate humidity with a hair hates it even more!!  
Needless to say we were outside 90% of the weekend enjoying the sunshine, so let's break it down for ya.

GARTH BROOKS!!! I finally got to see him in concert and he did not disappoint at all.  I was so excited for this concert and my sweet husband knew I would be so sad if I missed it, so he got us some good seats and we made a date of it.
First stop, Dirty Franks in downtown Columbus. This place is our favorite and if you haven't been, you are missing out! It is all hot dogs all day and they have so many varieties it is crazy.  They also have a vegetarian dog and vegetarian chili sauce, which makes it one of my personal favorite places too. Not only is the food really good, but it is also SUPER affordable...which we love, especially knowing we were going to be purchasing $9 beers at the concert!!!  
Gotta love the dinner know my husband always does (sarcasm in case you didn't catch that)

Anyways, Garth put on such a great show. Joe mentioned he couldn't believe how good his vocals sounded live...pretty much the same as listening to his recorded stuff, but in a good way. He runs all over that stage and puts everything into each song he sings, like he means every single word and is just singing it for the first time ever.  He left the stage at the end of the show like he was going to collapse from was awesome!!

We decided this was the weekend to mulch our front we started weeding and cleaning out the front beds. We didn't do much last year because we kind of wanted to wait and see what all we had planted there, and what everything would look like.  We had moved into this house in the summer and honestly the beds weren't too bad last year and we had bigger fish to fry inside our house...WALLPAPER...
So...there were quite a few weeds to be pulled and edges to dig out. It was a dusty mess but of course Ellie loved every minute of it.

We eventually got weeded out (that doesn't sound right!) and ended up chilling in our back yard watching Ellie play with her new turtle sandbox and toys.  Because the weather was so incredible we also ended up firing up the grill and cooked out and had some cocktails with my parents. It was a nice little Saturday!

Back to the yard to actually put the mulch down....we started with 10 bags and soon realized we had no idea just how much mulch it takes...50 bags later, sore legs and arms and we were finished! We ended up making a few trips to the store to get mulch, but Ellie thought it was hilarious when they loaded it into our car so that was super cute.  Sorry for the weird side ways pics, but her face is too funny to not post these!

I didn't get any really great shots of the front yard, but you get the point with this one. We went with black mulch and we love how it turned out.

We ended the weekend with pizza...a friend of ours does this cool pop-up wood fired pizza thing with his brother. They set up outside in a parking lot and make delicious pizzas. They sell out every time so you have to get there early. We ended up being one of the last few to get pizzas because they sold out right after us! They were delicious and it is always nice to support local folks and businesses!

They even have picnic tables put out so you can sit down and wait after you order, or eat there too if you want. Ellie is really getting good at the selfie...she smiles now which is equal parts ridiculous and cute!

We hope your weekend was tons of fun and if you had amazing weather too we hope you got out to enjoy it as much as we did.  Also, if you haven't seen Garth in concert...DO IT!!!!
Happy Monday!

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  1. How amazing to see Garth in concert!!!

  2. Ohhhhh the joys of mulching! That will be me in a few weekends! I love the feeling once its all over!!! :)