Monday, April 11, 2016


Hey guys!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a pretty decent one despite the SNOW we April. I mean, I am over it. I am ready for outside weather...Ellie is beyond ready for outside weather.  Snow in April...what the heck is happening Ohio?!?!?!
At any rate let's just get right down to our weekend.

We had a pretty low key day. My cousin has two daughters, one is a year and a half older then Ellie and one is a day younger.  My other cousin has a daughter one month younger then we try and get them together as much as we can to play.  This particular Friday my cousins wife had the day off so we all headed over there. Play-doh, dolls, a few "mines" and some chocolate eggs and they were all played out and ready for lunch.  

Ellie and I picked up Joe for lunch and all  headed over to a local place, The Treehouse.  It is crazy how big she is getting and how much better she is about eating out...using regular silverware, being so patient for her food, not making too much of  a mess. 

The rest of Friday we just sort of chilled...put Ellie to bed and caught up on DVRed shows.  

The high school I attended has an annual fundraiser/auction and we usually try and go because we want Ellie to go there and we want the school to remain open.  It is a smaller, private school so this auction is huge for keeping it open and running!  
It is always fun to get dressed up and hang out with other adults, especially after being home all day with a two year old!!!  We sat at a table with my parents and some of their friends and  had a lot of fun!

And then the task of trying to get Joe to take a nice picture with me...he just loves pictures so much.  If he just realized that by smiling nice the first time he would get it over with quick...instead he acts crazy and I end up making him take a million pictures until he finally gives in and smiles....
every. single. time.

Gotta love him for at least playing along. 

Another super chill day. I didn't even take a single picture, which is VERY rare for me! We literally hung out all day, Joe got a new phone, we took leftovers up to my parents and had dinner and came home and went to bed by 9. Very exciting Sunday!  The weather was super crappy and cold so it played a huge part in us wanting to do nothing...I blame the weather, not the wine I had on Saturday night. It couldn't have been the wine...had to be the weather making me lazy. 

Hope everyone has a great week...This is our final week in the 21 day fix challenge and we are going strong.  My group leader, Katie put this little picture out this morning to motivate us and it happens to be my word of the year. 

Cheers to staying focused this week!!!!

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  1. The girls playing together are too cute! She's so lucky to have so much family close to her age!

  2. Love the blush outfit you wore to the fundraiser - so pretty!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That auction seems fun! I always enjoy an excuse to dress up.

  4. We headed to Tenn this weekend for Spring Break. It was cold but fun. Luckily there was no snow there but back home here in KY there was snow on the ground. I'm so over winter too