Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekending...Easter Edition

I know it has been awhile since I have checked in here and so many things have been going on, but I will start with catching you up on our super busy Easter weekend. 

Our local art museum, The Zanesville Museum of Art, offers a really cute kids program called Doodlebugs.  I had taken Ellie months ago and she was  just a little too young at the time, but since then she has really started to find a love for painting, coloring...anything with color.  I knew the time was right for us to try again.  SHE LOVED IT!  They did such an awesome job of  letting the kids explore the art and materials in their own way.  We even walked around the art museum and the teacher pointed out colors and things little kiddos would appreciate.  I love that the small town we live in still has wonderful cultural things I can expose Ellie to! 

And total side note...I have to point out that I was able (sort of) to put Ellie's hair into tiny little pig tales and I about died from the cuteness!!!!

The rest of Friday we went to Columbus to visit our close friends and their brand new baby, Olivia.  Seeing and holding a tiny newborn is so surreal.  You somehow completely forget just how small they are!!! 

We took Ellie to her first ever Easter egg hunt at a local church.  We met a few friends and my mother-in-law came to join in on the fun. This was also my first time at a community egg hunt and I was completely overwhelmed... SO MANY PEOPLE.  Luckily they had it sectioned off by age and we were in the 0-2 and one parent could enter the hunting area with your child...thank goodness because Ellie got semi-overwhelmed when all the kids and parents came hurrying towards the middle at the same time!  
Over all it was fun and a nice experience, although I think we will just do one at home next year.

Later in the day a group of us went to one of those paint and sip classes for a friends birthday. I have been to several but I feel like this was my favorite by far...more my style. It was put on by Kelly at Girl Upcycled Studio and she has tons of different classes and styles. We painted on wood pallets and used chalk paint...which I am in love with both right now. Her studio is super cute and the class was really great too. I would highly recommend checking her out if you are interested. And because I am kind of proud of my ya go:
But in all seriousness...this was all her design and she walks you step by step so you don't feel lost or incapable of creating something you like. 

Easter!! It was so cute to see Ellie excited about her Easter basket. We got her several books, a dvd, playdoh, a few other random things a little bit of candy because you can't really have an Easter basket without some, right!?!

After breakfast we headed to Joe's moms house to celebrate.  She had made a yummy lunch and then we headed outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We set up a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard and then made our way to the park.  I can't remember an Easter Sunday in a while that we had such beautiful weather.  

Phew, tons of pictures!

That was our very busy, but we had so much fun and feel so blessed.  I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend too!!

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  1. That Doodlebugs event seems like it is SO fun! That's great she was able to enjoy it more this year.