Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...Toddler Hair

First of all I have to say a giant THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that shared or read my last blog post about the apartments. I ended up getting over 100 emails with interest and we quickly got them rented.  Again, thank you so very much!!!!

And now on to my random thoughts for Thursday about my toddler's hair (or lack of hair). When I was pregnant and found out we were having a little girl I had all of these visions of braiding her hair, putting it into little pony tails and having endless amounts of bows.  
When she was born she had very little hair...which is pretty normal, although I have a friend whose son was born with a ridiculous amount of hair and I secretly wished Ellie had just a little bit of his.  
As she got older, she still had very little hair. I still threw headbands on the poor gal making sure everyone knew my baby was a girl. Her first birthday came and went and still...hardly any hair.  As she neared two I slowly realized this might be a blessing in disguise...with no hair to mess with it eliminated a battle every morning to brush and style her hair. This little girl knows what she wants so there was no doubt she would be particular when it came to her hair. 
Now here we are at a little over two years old and she is FINALLY starting to get some hair...not a lot, but some.  I was right, she cares a lot about what we do or don't do with it. For example, when she gets out of the bath and we try and dry her hair with a towel and it looks all messy...she HATES it!! She will make a mad face and be upset until I brush it down. 

Luckily she will sit very still and let me brush her hair...and I am so excited to say that we have officially hit the point where we can put her hair into a little ponytail...not all of her hair of course, and it is the cutest/most ridiculous thing EVER.

I know I didn't really get much hair until I was closer to three, so I am fully expecting her hair to slowly make it's appearance but I am so excited at the little amount we have to work with already. I am sure I will read this post in two years and curse myself for wishing hair into our lives...especially when she is screaming as I try and get a brush thru it...but whatever, I still can't wait to braid her soft hair someday soon!!!

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