Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Over here at the French household we love us some Christmas…like, we decorated before Thanksgiving inside our house but made ourselves wait until the weekend after to decorate the outside. And by decorate, I mean my husband goes all out with the lights!

But if we love Christmas so much then you might be wondering why I titled this post “Christmas Blues”, so let me explain in two words:
I am all for mild weather…I love not having to freeze my butt off every single time I go outside. I love being able to take Ellie outside to play…BUT it is December and in December it should snow!!! It doesn’t have to snow all December, but at least a little.  I realized this year that the cold weather actually gets me more into the holiday spirit and without it…well, without it Christmas just seems sort of fake. It has been hard to really enjoy all of the things we usually love: 
~~cuddling up under a fuzzy blanket and watching movies…who needs a blanket when it’s 60 degrees outside?!?!
~~Drinking any sort of warm beverage or making delicious warm meals like chili or vegetable soup…who wants eat hot stuff when the weather screams “cook out”?!?!?
You get my point???
I just want it to be cold and maybe have some snow for Christmas…can I at least wear my winter jacket and cute scarf?!?!? Come January if the weather wants to go back to unseasonably mild temps…great, but give me some snow for Christmas…or at least some frost!
Anyone else feel like this weather is seriously messing with their holiday spirit, or am I the only seasonally grinched individual?
Even Ellie is confused!

Ps...With all of that said, I am still a little excited for Christmas because I have an almost 2 year old who doesn't give a crap about the weather and will be so much fun to watch Christmas morning. So I guess I am not a total Grinch this year!!