Monday, November 23, 2015

One Million Pictures

Since the weather is just now starting to act like winter and not fall…and since I have not blogged in several months…and since I have just now gotten around to uploading all of my fun pictures from the last several months, today I will be sharing ONE MILLION fun fall pictures with you…sort of.

I will spare you some of them, of course, so it really won’t be one million pictures…duh.

I have missed you all and I have missed writing and I am so sure you have missed us too, right? RIGHT? So now I give you


cameranov2 004

We carved pumpkins! This kid loves getting her hands dirty…mud, rocks, water, playdoh…so we assumed playing with the insides of a pumpkin would be like the greatest thing ever for her. Turns out, not so much. She picked up one seed and was pretty much done with that.


But she did really love pumpkins this year and wanted to sit on our front porch with them as much as possible, which worked out because we had accumulated 900 pumpkins over a month because every time we went anywhere she fell in love and had to have another. We are suckers for fall and decorating so we didn’t mind.

phoneoct4 042

Speaking of collecting pumpkins, we got most from pumpkin patches we visited.  Ellie had so much fun at both places we went and loved the animals, slides and pumpkins.



cameraoct3 040

cameraoct3 042


cameraoct3 084

And what is fall without a little trick or treating?!?! She wore a pumpkin outfit my mom had made for my sister to wear when she was little…so it was a bit more special then anything I could have come up.  Since Ellie was obsessed with pumpkins she fell in the love with the costume so it worked out great. I tried to get Joe to dress up with me to take her around but he was having none of that…so i resorted to wearing a dumb looking witch hat.  I embarrassed him a little and showed holiday spirit…so a win win for me (other then it looked pretty dorky, but whatevs)

cameranov2 035


She did so good going up to the door and sort of saying “trick or treat” but the sweetest thing was her saying “tank you” after every time and it was the most precious thing ever!!! We only went to a handful of houses because she didn’t really care or understand what the heck we were doing, but this momma wanted some pictures, and she had fun dressing up so it all worked out.

Last, but not least…what would our fall recap be without some leaf play?!?!


It has been a pretty busy couple of months and we have loved taking advantage of this beautiful warmish weather while it has lasted. Now we are looking forward to a very happy week full of giving thanks for so many things, hopefully watching the Buckeyes pull off a win, maybe some snow flurries, yummy food and my sister and her boyfriend are coming to town…our week is going to be amazing!

Happy Monday!