Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekending: Snotty Noses and Cool Weather


This past weekend was full of snotty noses and cool weather…one of which I love a ton!
Unfortunately those two things don’t always work together…

Poor little Ellie woke up last Thursday with a snotty nose and pretty much looked more pathetic then I have seen her in a while…poor girl!

phonesept1 003  

phonesept1 005

She slowly developed a slight fever, so the majority of the weekend was spent cuddled on the couch, watching movies and football.  This worked out pretty good because Saturday it was gray and raining for pretty much the entire day here. 

phonesept1 007

I hate when she is sick and not feeling well, but I have to admit I love snuggling with her when she will let me!

By Sunday we were ready to get out of the house…I can lounge with the best of them but I get stir crazy pretty easy and usually have to get out of the house for a bit every single day.  We didn’t really leave our house or do much of anything Friday and Saturday so I was going a little crazy by the time Sunday hit.  Luckily the weather was BEAUTIFUL…crisp, clear fall air…my favorite kind ever.  We packed up the family, including Reggie (the dog), threw on sweatshirts and headed to the local college to enjoy the weather and take a walk.

Ellie still wasn’t feeling 100% but by this point she needed to blow the stink off and get some fresh air too , so she enjoyed the trip.

phonesept1 024

This kid is obsessed with rocks, leaves, dirt…anything she can get her little hands on outside. We let her out to walk and stretch her legs for a bit in this empty parking lot and she took to chasing and grabbing all of the random blowing leaves she could get.  It was pretty cute.

phonesept1 026

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phonesept1 031double

We rounded out the weekend with lunch from Chipotle…always amazing! 

I do have to tell you I had no idea they had a kids meal and it is pretty kick butt! I took this terrible picture of the leftovers of the kids meal…but you get the idea, and how cute is the little plate thing!?! 

You get a ton for $3.75: a cheese quesadilla, two sides (rice and beans, or salsa) and either a side of fruit or kids chips….and a drink!!! I feel like that is an amazing deal, right!?!?!

phonesept1 032

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. I am so sorry she is not feeling well.. hope that has changed today! Also that kid's meal seems like an awesome deal. i woudl totally eat that haha!