Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Punkies at Lynd Fruit Farm

We had a really fun past weekend and I ended up taking so many darn pictures that it took me until today to even put them on my computer to actually write this post… total procrastinator…I’m working on it.

Since the weather was super fall like on Sunday we decided to head over to Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala and had every intention of going apple picking. 

phonesept2 110

Once we actually got there, Ellie was in such awe of the “punkies”  (pumpkins) that we didn’t even end up picking apples. Please note I was wearing those giant boots above because I thought we would be in the fields just a picking away…and then we didn’t but I still had the boots, so whatever.

Back to the punkies…she was obsessed and it was the cutest thing ever!!!! She continued to walk around to all of the bins and picked out different shapes and colors and was so excited.

phonesept2 082

phonesept2 083

phonesept2 086

phonesept2 087

phonesept2 090

She seriously could not get enough of the punkies…she wanted to carry them around, she wanted to sit with them…she wanted to eat them and hug them…

phonesept2 099

phonesept2 113

(she is holding a pretzel…not a cig!!)

phonesept2 094

phonesept2 102

You guys…it was so much fun watching this little girl be so excited about all things fall. She loved everything and couldn’t get enough. We know she will adore going to a pumpkin patch and are planning that trip next.  Not only did we love this market but we also bought a ton of stuff there too…apple cider, a million pumpkins for our front step, gluten free noodles made from a local lady…tomatoes and peppers from their gardens.  It was a really cool place…check it out for sure if you are looking for something to do.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the amount of photos I took…

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