Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Punkies at Lynd Fruit Farm

We had a really fun past weekend and I ended up taking so many darn pictures that it took me until today to even put them on my computer to actually write this post… total procrastinator…I’m working on it.

Since the weather was super fall like on Sunday we decided to head over to Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala and had every intention of going apple picking. 

phonesept2 110

Once we actually got there, Ellie was in such awe of the “punkies”  (pumpkins) that we didn’t even end up picking apples. Please note I was wearing those giant boots above because I thought we would be in the fields just a picking away…and then we didn’t but I still had the boots, so whatever.

Back to the punkies…she was obsessed and it was the cutest thing ever!!!! She continued to walk around to all of the bins and picked out different shapes and colors and was so excited.

phonesept2 082

phonesept2 083

phonesept2 086

phonesept2 087

phonesept2 090

She seriously could not get enough of the punkies…she wanted to carry them around, she wanted to sit with them…she wanted to eat them and hug them…

phonesept2 099

phonesept2 113

(she is holding a pretzel…not a cig!!)

phonesept2 094

phonesept2 102

You guys…it was so much fun watching this little girl be so excited about all things fall. She loved everything and couldn’t get enough. We know she will adore going to a pumpkin patch and are planning that trip next.  Not only did we love this market but we also bought a ton of stuff there too…apple cider, a million pumpkins for our front step, gluten free noodles made from a local lady…tomatoes and peppers from their gardens.  It was a really cool place…check it out for sure if you are looking for something to do.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the amount of photos I took…

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday- Road Trips With a Toddler

So…I love a good road trip. Windows down, music blaring, singing along loudly, random snacks and fountain pop...  I also don’t mind small road trips…like an hour here and there. We actually drive to Columbus quite often for different reasons and I usually don’t mind these trips, except lately Ellie has decided to take on a new personality in the car…and it makes things less fun.

I have come to realize there is a huge difference between a hour long car ride by myself or with my husband…and a hour long car ride with Ellie.  Let me explain…

Car ride by myself:

Drink my iced coffee, find some random songs on my phone I haven’t listened to in forever, blare them and sing along…before you know it I am at my destination and the little drive was actually a stress reliever for me.

Car ride with the kid:

Talking and random noise making that starts at a quiet decibel but then slowly increases minute by minute until neither one of us can even here the itsy bitsy spider, or whatever in the heck song I have put on in hopes of calming my child into chill mode…which of course didn’t work because now she is screaming, but not out of being mad, nope….just because she likes to hear herself scream.  I am chugging my iced coffee and by the time we reach our destination I am completely stressed and the kid is covered in cheerios, water (because it’s so fun to watch it drip out of her “leak proof” cup, and ripped up magazine that I threw back to her in hopes to quite her)

phoneaugust3 017

Obviously US Weekly is totally age appropriate for her…

Of course I love the little monkey and sometimes the stuff she does in the car is the cutest and funniest thing I have ever heard or seen, like this little gem of a video… but then again sometimes I just want some quite and my good old random music back.

Anyone else with me on this!?!?!?!


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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Talk—For the Love of Rice

Hey guys! Hope the beginning of your week has been good to you…tomorrow is Hump Day so that’s a positive!

My Monday and Tuesday were spent feeling like every parent that has twins or “Irish twins” are saints!  I have taken a tiny side “job” of watching my cousins daughter a day or two a week.  She is a month younger then Ellie so on those days I have two little munchkins running around getting their hot little hands on anything/everything they can! Today we ventured to the park and I was reminded of the days of being a new mom and underestimating the length of time it took to get a new baby out of the house…let alone two toddlers. Needless to say I was late to the park…but we got there in one piece…so I count that as a win. I realize all you mothers of multiples or even of two, three, four kids are probably rolling your eyes or laughing at me right now…and I get it, I guess…but I am telling you I admire you for what you do on a day to day basis…bless you! This mama is exhausted running around with two 20 month olds…why are they never tired too!!!

All kidding aside, they are actually pretty darn good. They love each other and play well together and, for the most part, are sweet little buddies. I have been trying to come up with creative and fun things to do to keep them busy because dumping out the baskets of toys over and over again doesn’t always entertain them.

Yesterday I got brave and decided it was a good idea to fill our sensory table with some rice and digging/dumping tools and let them go to town. We have a Florida room/sun porch that is perfect for these types of activities because when the weather is nice we can enjoy it without being directly in the sun…and if they get rice all over the floor (which let’s face it, happened) it is pretty easy to sweep up.

phonesept1 045double

phonesept1 038

phonesept1 048

They had a ball and it kept them busy for a while. I have to say they did pretty good with trying to keep the rice in the table. By the second day of rice play they seemed to have learned the rules a little better and tried really hard to keep it in the table. Obviously they are 1 1/2 years old so the rice did not stay only in the table, but it was super easy to sweep up so I really didn’t mind.

I would say it was a success…sometimes the simple things are the most fun!

I will leave you with a picture of the aftermath…not too terrible I guess, although I am sure I will be finding random rice for days!

phonesept1 055


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Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekending: Snotty Noses and Cool Weather


This past weekend was full of snotty noses and cool weather…one of which I love a ton!
Unfortunately those two things don’t always work together…

Poor little Ellie woke up last Thursday with a snotty nose and pretty much looked more pathetic then I have seen her in a while…poor girl!

phonesept1 003  

phonesept1 005

She slowly developed a slight fever, so the majority of the weekend was spent cuddled on the couch, watching movies and football.  This worked out pretty good because Saturday it was gray and raining for pretty much the entire day here. 

phonesept1 007

I hate when she is sick and not feeling well, but I have to admit I love snuggling with her when she will let me!

By Sunday we were ready to get out of the house…I can lounge with the best of them but I get stir crazy pretty easy and usually have to get out of the house for a bit every single day.  We didn’t really leave our house or do much of anything Friday and Saturday so I was going a little crazy by the time Sunday hit.  Luckily the weather was BEAUTIFUL…crisp, clear fall air…my favorite kind ever.  We packed up the family, including Reggie (the dog), threw on sweatshirts and headed to the local college to enjoy the weather and take a walk.

Ellie still wasn’t feeling 100% but by this point she needed to blow the stink off and get some fresh air too , so she enjoyed the trip.

phonesept1 024

This kid is obsessed with rocks, leaves, dirt…anything she can get her little hands on outside. We let her out to walk and stretch her legs for a bit in this empty parking lot and she took to chasing and grabbing all of the random blowing leaves she could get.  It was pretty cute.

phonesept1 026

phonesept1 027

phonesept1 031double

We rounded out the weekend with lunch from Chipotle…always amazing! 

I do have to tell you I had no idea they had a kids meal and it is pretty kick butt! I took this terrible picture of the leftovers of the kids meal…but you get the idea, and how cute is the little plate thing!?! 

You get a ton for $3.75: a cheese quesadilla, two sides (rice and beans, or salsa) and either a side of fruit or kids chips….and a drink!!! I feel like that is an amazing deal, right!?!?!

phonesept1 032

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend!


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