Monday, August 3, 2015

One Month Photo Dump

Hey guys…how has your summer been going?? We have been pretty busy over in these parts, obviously, because the last time I got around to writing was at the end of June! I just completely dropped the ball in July….and now it is already AUGUST….how is this possible?!?!?!

July was a month filled with rain, rain and more rain…but also some fun stuff thrown in there as well.  Although the month flew by I’m not going to lie…I am getting super excited for fall to hurry up and get here. The weather lately has been so great, super low humidity, and yesterday someone was burning leaves (at least that is exactly what it smelled like) and I immediately wanted to go put a sweatshirt on and drink hot chocolate (with baileys, duh) and started dreaming of fall leaves, football and pumpkins. 

I digress…back to July for know.  I am just going to light up your life with a nice little photo dump of all the things I forgot to write about over the last month to get you up to speed on the French household.

4th of July

Zanesville Country Club and Westerville Parade.

phonejuly1 102

phonejuly1 045

The Westerville Parade is huge and it is something that was always so fun for Joe, so I know he was excited to finally get to take his own daughter (and wife) there to enjoy the same things he did when he was younger. Unfortunately, it was pretty darn hot and Ellie wasn’t wanting to say out for too long, but she loved all of the action for the time we were there, and we will for sure be adding this into our 4th of July traditions!!!

  phonejuly1 075

phonejuly1 073

Ellie actually sat and loved the fireworks. We were a little unsure of how she would react because of the loud noise but she seemed very interested and wouldn’t take her eyes off of them and it was the cutest thing ever!!  I have always enjoyed the Country Club fireworks so much because everyone brings lawn chairs and sits and the fireworks are set off and are literally right above you. It isn’t a huge group of people and there is something so magical about families all sitting there together “oooooing” and “ahhhhing”.  I was so excited to finally have a family of my own to share this with and it proved to be exactly how I thought it would always be…perfect!

phonejuly1 050 

phonejuly1 054


Kelley’s Island

Joe and I were lucky enough to head up to Kelley’s Island for a couple of nights thanks to my parents for offering a condo and to my mother-in-law for taking good care of the Ellie and Reggie. We had such a great time.  We both love lakes…more than the ocean, I know I just said that…but we do. Something is so peaceful to us about being on a lake and it makes it even better when you can grab a few drinks and just hang out.  If you have never been, Kelley’s Island is totally worth checking out…it is close to Put-n-Bay but not as crazy, in a good way :)

 phonejuly2 021 

phonejuly2 027

phonejuly2 024


And I will leave you with some random Ellie goodness…I know I am biased, but she is just the cutest thing EVER!!!


phonejuly1 012

phonejuly1 010

phonejuly2 016

ps: I didn’t purchase the fur vest against everything in me that was say “YES!!!”, maybe I will go back…

phonejuly1 037

phonejuly1 031

phonejuly2 046

phonejuly2 060

phonejuly2 069

phonejuly2 055

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