Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Zoo Time

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This picture pretty much sums up how little lady feels about the zoo…she LOVES it!  My mother-in-law gave us zoo passes as a gift and it was such a thoughtful idea.  We have gone several times already, and having the pass makes it so much easier to just take shorter morning trips and not feel guilty because you paid an arm and leg to get in. We just pack our lunch and drive over there in the morning and this little girl loves it!

She loves all animals but the petting zoo is her jam. The first trip she just walked around pointing at the goats and aggressively yelled “BAAAAA” …it was the cutest and funniest thing ever. I tried explaining they weren’t sheep, they were actually goats but then gave up because she was not giving in…”Baaa, baaaa,baaaa” all over the place. 

Ps what does a goat even say?!?! Maybe they do say “baaa”, I don’t know?!?!


So. Much. Fun.


The aquarium and the penguins are also must stops on our trips…which I am ok with because the aquarium gives us a break from the sun and the penguins are just cute!

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We even tried out the new Pirate Island ride…Ellie wasn’t 100% sure about the pirates, nor was I, but she did like the little boat and moving along in the water looking at things. These pirates were shooting water and making weird sounds…we were shocked she kept her cool the entire ride, and she looked like such a big girl strapped into her little seat next to me!!!

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Packing our lunch and taking it in with us has proven to be the easiest and cheapest route to go, but this last trip we had a little adventure with the local geese, namely the one you see here in the picture. Apparently his name is Frank and he is known for being mean, which he was…hissing and squawking all around. He eventually jumped up onto the ledge by Ellie and we had to move out!

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Overall the zoo is such a fun and exhausting trip for everyone involved, but especially for this little monkey!  She always crashes on the trip home and looks so stinking cute while doing so! If you live in Ohio, go check out the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium it will be well worth your trip!

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