Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- I dyed my hair, and other random things…

Hey guys! So I forgot to post yesterday for Beauty Wednesday so I thought I could throw in a few beauty related things in this here post on Thursday…along with some random things I have been thinking about.
Let’s get to it:
***Random thing #1***
My hair…So I could tell you all some super long story about the saga that is/was my hair color but I will save you the drama and just tell you I ended up deciding to just dye it myself.  I originally wanted a beautiful blonde-ish color but somewhere in the process I feel like it really just looked orange and unhealthy. I thought about going and having someone just dye it all back to brown and then thought…why don’t I just buy the professional grade hair dye myself and save myself about $60.  Problem solved. Here is the before and after…the hubs was working so I was forced to take some pretty rad selfies…ignore the camera, focus on the hair.
If you are interested in what colors I used just send me a message.
I was pretty happy with how it turned out…a tad on the dark side but it will fade and be perfect.
***Random Thought #2***
How in the world are you suppose to discipline a 17 month old?!?!?! Time out doesn’t really work at this age (we haven’t even tried)…and Ellie really just loves doing things and giving me a blank stare…such as this lovely look below:
phonemay2 026
She knows darn well her chair is upside-down and she knows she isn’t suppose to sit in it that way…but she loves testing us.  I have done research and know this is totally age appropriate,  and we redirect the crap out of her…
but the screeching, make it stop!!!!
***Random Thought #3***
I am obsessed with watching YouTube beauty videos…like I watch them all day errrr day!  This is all well and good, and I learn a ton…but then I also have this giant running list of all of these “amazing” products I NEED. Not good for the budget, I need to ease up on the beauty videos. Anyone else have this problem?
***Random Thought #4***
I have really been trying to get my steps in lately…thank you fitbit!…so I go to a local trail and walk with Ellie in her stroller.  The other day I am feeling real good about myself…walking at a good pace…pushing this darn heavy @ss stroller with my toddler in it up this super steep hill…found the perfect motivation song to take my mind off my burning legs…I am half way up…and then…
two perfect blondes with perfect butts, in perfect work out clothes jog on by me and glide up that darn hill effortlessly.  Let me tell you…my “feel good about myself” attitude came to a screeching halt. I know, I know…don’t compare yourself to others…I know, but come on!  After I got over the initial  “well great” moment…I picked myself back up and just kept on pushing, and huffing and puffing until I got to the top…and I secretly hoped one of those perfect blondes would maybe step in dog crap or run in some mud , or something to look less perfect. Uggg…#reallife.  Don’t worry, I still walk and I haven’t seen those lovely ladies again…maybe I intimidated them with my heavy breathing, large stroller taking up the entire trail and little toddler yelling “RIO” at the top of her lungs (its her favorite movie)
So there you have it…4 pretty random thoughts to push you from Thursday straight on over into Friday…and then the weekend. Woo Hoo!!!
Ps…I am linking up with some great blogs below, so check them out too.
Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Lol!! Random thought #4 I can totally relate to!! (And the new hair colour looks really good!) As far as toddler taming goes? I'm totally clueless, and so grateful that my boys are at an age where I at least know they understand (even when they choose not to listen!) Good luck with that one!

  2. Great job on your hair! It looks great. As for disciplining a toddler, thats a tough one. My son is 23 months and I think he might now just be at the age that he's starting to understand discipline a little bit. Its so hard and very frustrating when they throw complete temper tantrums!! Thanks for linking up!