Monday, June 8, 2015

My Seester was in Town

My sister, Molly came home to visit all last week from Colorado. She moved there back in January and we haven’t seen her since then…she teaches and flights are expensive :( As soon as her school was out she high tailed it back to Ohio to see us…mostly Ellie, but I know she missed all of us too! It was so awesome to see her and spend time with her, and Ellie got to spend tons of time with her too which I was really happy about. I really want Ellie to know her family and be comfortable around them even if she doesn’t get to see them often.

Of course I took 9 million pictures while she was here and so I have to share some with you…duh!


phonejune1 065

phonejune1 062

Playing with Play-Doh…Ellie love this stuff, but every single time it takes her a couple minutes to warm up to the stuff so Molly really had to instigate playing and get her interested. Once she did…it was over, tiny little pieces of hot pink play-doh all over!!!!

camerajune1 003

camerajune1 005

camerajune1 014

camerajune1 023

camerajune1 034

camerajune1 036

camerajune1 047

Other then just Molly and Ellie time, we also had some sister/mom time shopping.  These two went in to the dressing room and came out in matching pants/dress…dorks (but of course I took a picture of it)

phonejune1 017

We also had a little night out for dinner at Muddy Misers and a beer at Weasel Boy Brewery, which was so much fun. The hubs had another party to attend so he couldn’t make it.

phonejune1 060

It was such a fun visit and we can’t wait to see her again soon this summer when she comes back to visit!!

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