Monday, June 29, 2015

weekend shenanigans

We were FINALLY able to get outside a little bit in the last couple of days and enjoy the fall like weather…minus the rain and humidity…THANK GOONESS!!!

Anyone else super sick of the 100%--frizz my hair-- make me sweat even standing still—humidity!?!?! I mean I can take the heat (sort of) but I despise humidity…with a heavy passion.  Maybe I need to move…somewhere there is no humidity…and I currently cannot seem to think of where that place would be…but I’m gonna be looking into that!!!

At any rate…back to being outside and enjoying the summer…

We decided it would be fun to take a family walk at Blackhand Gorge.  I remember going there a ton when I was younger, and even going on field trips there with my class.  The hubs had never been and we are always looking for new places to explore with the baby and dog, so off we went.

It ended up being perfect. We let Ellie walk the first part of the trail and again at the end of the trail and she had a BLAST!  She wanted to run and then stop suddenly when she saw a leaf or a “BUUUUU” (bug).  For the most part she was really really good and stayed only on the path which surprised the heck out of me!

phonejune3 047

phonejune3 039

phonejune3 040

phonejune3 037

phonejune3 036

Her little chubby legs in those pants are just the cutest thing ever!!!!

We ended up walking (and husband running) a little over 4 miles, which seems to be Ellie’s limit. Around that time she wants out of her stroller and is done with the walk totally.  It really is such a pretty trail, if you haven’t ever been or forgot it existed check it out, it’s worth it for sure.

After we got home and put the little monkey to bed, Joe and I enjoyed our Florida room…we love that room so much, especially when the weather is a little cool like it was over the weekend.  When we bought the house there was a super cool retro light fixture in that room, so we just kept it and are really glad we did because it just adds to the awesomeness that is that room!

phonejune3 025 

Also, I am in love with the table…it was a hand me down of sorts that Joe didn’t really see the vision and didn’t want to keep.  I  took one look and knew it would be the most perfect game table…now in this new room it fits perfect and Joe is so glad we kept it, even the super trendy black faux leather chairs!

Overall the weekend was pretty great…I am not happy about all of the lovely rain that decided to come back again today, but we are getting some projects finished in the house so I guess that is a positive.

Hope you have a happy week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Zoo Time

cameramay1 029

This picture pretty much sums up how little lady feels about the zoo…she LOVES it!  My mother-in-law gave us zoo passes as a gift and it was such a thoughtful idea.  We have gone several times already, and having the pass makes it so much easier to just take shorter morning trips and not feel guilty because you paid an arm and leg to get in. We just pack our lunch and drive over there in the morning and this little girl loves it!

She loves all animals but the petting zoo is her jam. The first trip she just walked around pointing at the goats and aggressively yelled “BAAAAA” …it was the cutest and funniest thing ever. I tried explaining they weren’t sheep, they were actually goats but then gave up because she was not giving in…”Baaa, baaaa,baaaa” all over the place. 

Ps what does a goat even say?!?! Maybe they do say “baaa”, I don’t know?!?!


So. Much. Fun.


The aquarium and the penguins are also must stops on our trips…which I am ok with because the aquarium gives us a break from the sun and the penguins are just cute!

phonejune1 030

phonejune1 026

We even tried out the new Pirate Island ride…Ellie wasn’t 100% sure about the pirates, nor was I, but she did like the little boat and moving along in the water looking at things. These pirates were shooting water and making weird sounds…we were shocked she kept her cool the entire ride, and she looked like such a big girl strapped into her little seat next to me!!!

phonejune1 040

Packing our lunch and taking it in with us has proven to be the easiest and cheapest route to go, but this last trip we had a little adventure with the local geese, namely the one you see here in the picture. Apparently his name is Frank and he is known for being mean, which he was…hissing and squawking all around. He eventually jumped up onto the ledge by Ellie and we had to move out!

phonejune1 033with arrow

Overall the zoo is such a fun and exhausting trip for everyone involved, but especially for this little monkey!  She always crashes on the trip home and looks so stinking cute while doing so! If you live in Ohio, go check out the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium it will be well worth your trip!

phonejune1 042


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Monday, June 8, 2015

My Seester was in Town

My sister, Molly came home to visit all last week from Colorado. She moved there back in January and we haven’t seen her since then…she teaches and flights are expensive :( As soon as her school was out she high tailed it back to Ohio to see us…mostly Ellie, but I know she missed all of us too! It was so awesome to see her and spend time with her, and Ellie got to spend tons of time with her too which I was really happy about. I really want Ellie to know her family and be comfortable around them even if she doesn’t get to see them often.

Of course I took 9 million pictures while she was here and so I have to share some with you…duh!


phonejune1 065

phonejune1 062

Playing with Play-Doh…Ellie love this stuff, but every single time it takes her a couple minutes to warm up to the stuff so Molly really had to instigate playing and get her interested. Once she did…it was over, tiny little pieces of hot pink play-doh all over!!!!

camerajune1 003

camerajune1 005

camerajune1 014

camerajune1 023

camerajune1 034

camerajune1 036

camerajune1 047

Other then just Molly and Ellie time, we also had some sister/mom time shopping.  These two went in to the dressing room and came out in matching pants/dress…dorks (but of course I took a picture of it)

phonejune1 017

We also had a little night out for dinner at Muddy Misers and a beer at Weasel Boy Brewery, which was so much fun. The hubs had another party to attend so he couldn’t make it.

phonejune1 060

It was such a fun visit and we can’t wait to see her again soon this summer when she comes back to visit!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- I dyed my hair, and other random things…

Hey guys! So I forgot to post yesterday for Beauty Wednesday so I thought I could throw in a few beauty related things in this here post on Thursday…along with some random things I have been thinking about.
Let’s get to it:
***Random thing #1***
My hair…So I could tell you all some super long story about the saga that is/was my hair color but I will save you the drama and just tell you I ended up deciding to just dye it myself.  I originally wanted a beautiful blonde-ish color but somewhere in the process I feel like it really just looked orange and unhealthy. I thought about going and having someone just dye it all back to brown and then thought…why don’t I just buy the professional grade hair dye myself and save myself about $60.  Problem solved. Here is the before and after…the hubs was working so I was forced to take some pretty rad selfies…ignore the camera, focus on the hair.
If you are interested in what colors I used just send me a message.
I was pretty happy with how it turned out…a tad on the dark side but it will fade and be perfect.
***Random Thought #2***
How in the world are you suppose to discipline a 17 month old?!?!?! Time out doesn’t really work at this age (we haven’t even tried)…and Ellie really just loves doing things and giving me a blank stare…such as this lovely look below:
phonemay2 026
She knows darn well her chair is upside-down and she knows she isn’t suppose to sit in it that way…but she loves testing us.  I have done research and know this is totally age appropriate,  and we redirect the crap out of her…
but the screeching, make it stop!!!!
***Random Thought #3***
I am obsessed with watching YouTube beauty videos…like I watch them all day errrr day!  This is all well and good, and I learn a ton…but then I also have this giant running list of all of these “amazing” products I NEED. Not good for the budget, I need to ease up on the beauty videos. Anyone else have this problem?
***Random Thought #4***
I have really been trying to get my steps in lately…thank you fitbit!…so I go to a local trail and walk with Ellie in her stroller.  The other day I am feeling real good about myself…walking at a good pace…pushing this darn heavy @ss stroller with my toddler in it up this super steep hill…found the perfect motivation song to take my mind off my burning legs…I am half way up…and then…
two perfect blondes with perfect butts, in perfect work out clothes jog on by me and glide up that darn hill effortlessly.  Let me tell you…my “feel good about myself” attitude came to a screeching halt. I know, I know…don’t compare yourself to others…I know, but come on!  After I got over the initial  “well great” moment…I picked myself back up and just kept on pushing, and huffing and puffing until I got to the top…and I secretly hoped one of those perfect blondes would maybe step in dog crap or run in some mud , or something to look less perfect. Uggg…#reallife.  Don’t worry, I still walk and I haven’t seen those lovely ladies again…maybe I intimidated them with my heavy breathing, large stroller taking up the entire trail and little toddler yelling “RIO” at the top of her lungs (its her favorite movie)
So there you have it…4 pretty random thoughts to push you from Thursday straight on over into Friday…and then the weekend. Woo Hoo!!!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Talk-When I Grow Up

So today I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and came across one from Whitney that posed the question:

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Since I loved reading about her, I thought it would be fun to connect up and join in on the fun. I have also linked up with several other great groups of ladies…you can find all of the links at the bottom of this post, so make sure to check them out if you have a minute and want to read some other fun things.

So, what did I want to be when I grew up…my number one thing was always a makeup artist…and I have sort of lived that out.


But let me start from the beginning…

As a child I always loved office supplies and arts and crafts. I realize that sounds completely random, but my love for office supplies started at a young age.  I remember playing “secretary” with my cousin and thinking it was so fun even though I had absolutely no idea exactly what being a secretary really meant, other then I got to use office supplies!

A little later we also loved playing teacher…not sure if that was because of the office supplies or arts and crafts…or bossing around my younger cousin because I always got to be the teacher.  So sorry Kelly :(

I am not sure at what age I fell in love with color…drawing, nail polish…and I loved Barbie and all of the fashion that came with her. I remember my mom got me this little design kit one year where you could design your own clothes by drawing them or tracing different patterns. I decided I HAD to be a fashion designer when I grew up. That is probably the first real job I actually really remember envisioning myself as doing when I grew up.

In middle school I still loved everything about art but never really thought about using that in any way as a profession, however I did fall in love with writing and around 5th grade wrote a story that my teacher praised me HARD for and I think she entered it into some sort of writing contest. I honestly can’t remember if I won or not, but that sparked my love for writing in a big way. That love has always continued and I always hoped and saw myself writing in some capacity when I grew up. 

In high school I fell in love with makeup…I was finally able to really play around with it a bit more so my passion grew. Even when I was little I drew self portraits that looked like Mimi from the Drew Carey show (only prettier) with exaggerated layer upon layer of eye shadow…super pink circles on my cheeks and red lips.

In high school I started experimenting with color on my poor sister, and then made her pose so I could take pictures. Sorry Molly! I would also line up my little cousins and go to town giving “make-over's”


When it came time to figure out what I was actually going to do with my life, career-wise, I wanted so badly to move to LA and pursue makeup school and then be a professional makeup artist. I remember researching and discussing this with my parents. My dad urged me in a major way to get my college degree first, and then if I still wanted to, I could go to makeup school. So I did just that, sort of. I got my degree but then went to school to become an esthetician. 

I have ended up working as an esthetician/makeup artist, a secretary and a teacher in my life so far…never a fashion designer…but I have to say I think I have finally found the one job that I am truly passionate about, a title I have wanted since I was a little girl…being a mom. I know that sounds super cheesy, but I have always struggled with trying to find something that I am really passionate about and make a living. 

I am currently a SAHM and realized this is exactly what I always wanted to be when I grew up. I feel so lucky to have this job and I even still get to satisfy my love for office supplies, arts and crafts, writing and design (I make hair bows). Being a mom is not the most high paying job, but it is the most satisfying for me.

What did you want to be when you grew up???

Polka-Dotty Place