Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

I am still alive…I really can’t come up with any excuse for not blogging other then I have just been enjoying life and haven’t felt the need to jump on my computer and write…until now.
I miss you guys, I like writing about our life and I hope you sort of enjoy reading about it.
And with that I have linked up with some cool ladies to give you five pretty random things we have been up to over the last month…because it is almost June…like, May is pretty much over…anyone else feel like that month came and went super fast!?!?!
on to the randomness:
1// Sunglasses and hats: We have been loving the warmer weather and spending tons of time at the park with friends.  Because I don’t want Ellie to get too much sun and because this momma doesn’t want to get too many wrinkles and sunspots we have been sporting some sunglasses and hats all month long!

2// Ellie’s first selfie:  So I am sure if you have kids there has been that moment when you go to look at previous pictures and realize at some point your little kiddo has taken control when you weren’t looking…or made a few calls… or hit a button that switches everything and you can’t figure out how in the heck to find your emails anymore. I digress…I found these beyond cute pictures Ellie had somehow snapped of herself and I die with how cute she looks and how excited she seems to be taking pictures of herself!

 3// Mother’s Day:  You guys, I have the cutest husband ever. He knows how much I love crafty things so he surprised me by making this really precious picture from Ellie.  He actually used clear glue and glitter and then bought paint so that we can put her little hand print right on it too.  This picture was taken before we got around to doing that last part, but I was just so excited with how cute and thoughtful this gift was I had to share!

4// Bubble Baths: We have discovered just how amazing bubble baths can be for a toddler. This little lady couldn’t have been more excited for these darn bubbles if they had sprouted tiny magic wings and flew all around her.  (dramatic, but you get the picture…she was pretty darn excited)

5//Funny Faces: To add to the art of taking the selfie that Ellie learned this month…she has also figured out that she can mimic me while taking pictures and it is the cutest darn thing in the world!

There you have it…some random things we have been up to over the past month. Is everyone else ready for summer…pool time, cookouts, fun fruity drinks…I am ready!!!
Hope everyone has a happy Friday and an amazing weekend!

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