Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans- dogs and meal planning

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed this beautiful weather Ohio has been having!!! I know we have been trying to take full advantage of it when we can.  Sunday we even moved the sand table outside and filled the thing with sand rather then fluffy pom poms. Ellie LOVED it…until she decided she needed to see what sand tasted like…then she decided it was probably time to explore the yard a little.  Hopefully as she gets older she will love it even more.

The rest of the weekend was pretty exciting, let me tell you. Prepare yourself for some pretty amazing things you might be jealous of…like:

We gave our dog a bath. I mean how jealous are you?!?!

cameraapril2 019

Poor bubby is not a fan of the cold hose water…but it’s better then bathing him in our bathtub…the hair, the crazy amount of fur that comes off of this dog…so we try and give him a bath outside. He tries to escape…my husband really looks forward to this fun battle.

cameraapril2 022

cameraapril2 028

After all that fun…we meal planned! 

Again, I can understand if you are wishing you hung out with us this weekend!

But in all seriousness, we do waaaaay better eating healthy when we plan. Sometimes this task is not easy or fun because Joe and I eat such different things, but we can usually come up with some things that  work for everyone…including Ellie.  I don’t eat meat and Joe does, so another small hurdle…thankfully he has done so well with eating far less meat and trying meat substitutes with an open mind, which I am so thankful for!! 

I found several free printable mean planners online which made the process a little easier and cuter.  The one in the picture I found for free  HERE.

cameraapril2 012

I usually scribble down notes and ideas and look up recipes and inspiration before finally making my grocery list and writing it all down on the official planner.  And yes, those are still left over Easter eggs sitting there.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we are in the process of re-doing our kitchen so it is a little bit of a disaster currently.

At any rate, after the planning and list making…we head to the store, then try to cook/cut as many things as we can that same day.  Again…this ALL only happens during the perfect week when we are totally on our game. 

cameraapril2 014


I think it is also worth mentioning how obsessed I am with two specific websites/youtube vloggers.  These two are where I usually get alot of my recipes and inspiration from.

1. Tone It Up  If these two super hot ladies don’t motivate you to get your ass in gear I don’t know what will. They post free workout videos and recipes all the time and today they actually started their 5th annual Bikini Series.  It is an 8 week program to get you ready for the summer. I am trying to follow along with this so say a prayer for my sweet tooth to resist all temptations!! I really like their workouts because they are usually working a ton of body parts at once…which this busy mom likes because I don’t have the time to spend 45 minutes only on my abs..I need something that will work it all and quick.



2. Blogilates I also love this website and her videos.  It is the same type of thing…free youtube workout videos and recipes.  She has a free printable healthy eating meal plan, which is super nice.  As the name says, she is more pilates based which is a great companion to the total body toning the ladies of tone it up come at you with.

Check out both of these websites and their videos…I swear you will love them!!!


Ok so that was our crazy cool weekend recap…and a few tidbits added on because I’m currently obsessed. 

Hope you all have a happy Monday and enjoy the rest of the week!

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