Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Toddler Talk

I love pictures…I love taking pictures, I love looking at pictures and I kind of like being in pictures sometimes.  As a mom it is rare to get pictures with your kids…mostly because you are the one usually taking the pics and it’s kind of hard to take and be in pictures. My husband has really made an effort to try and remember this and to take more pictures of Ellie and I, which is so sweet.  I have also been known to shove my camera in someone’s face and ask/force them to take our picture. 

When Ellie was little it was just so easy to snap cute pictures of her…she barely moved and would just cutely gaze in my direction. Now, as she has gotten older she wants to walk around, or climb or stick her tongue out…or anything other then get her picture taken.  Snapping a picture with this child where she is actually smiling and looking at the camera is like snapping a picture of a rare unicorn (errr..aren’t all unicorns rare…if they actually existed).  Don’t get me wrong, all pictures of her are cute, in my opinion, and some of the best are when she is acting goofy like the latest photo shoot we managed to capture on Easter…

The “deer in headlights”…

cameraapril1 069

The “I’m bored and want down”…

cameraapril1 070

The “maybe if I stick my tongue out and blow raspberries and look really cute, she will let me be done with this”…

cameraapril1 071

The “I’m pretty funny and cute and now I will sort of smile because I got mommy to look away from the camera”…

cameraapril1 072

And finally, the “ I am proud of myself”/ the little shit…

cameraapril1 073


Awww, taking pictures with a toddler…so fun!

Any tips on how you manage to capture some smiling faces?!?!… other then following them around all day with your phone up and ready waiting for the moment to strike only to realize your phone has timed out at the exact moment they decide to smile…not that I have done that.

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  1. These were great. Her expressions crack me up. When my grandchildren have had enough of picture taking, they run away and cover their faces. We even got them there own play camera so they could "help" take pictures. Not working so much!

    1. Thanks! I am sure Ellie will start running away soon enough ha! Good idea getting them their own camera, maybe I will try that.

  2. So adorable! Love all the expressions! Thanks for sharing at Tues Talk- have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks so much...I love linking up and reading other peoples blogs!