Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exciting News

I have really exciting news!

My dad purchased a building in downtown Zanesville years ago and turned half of the upstairs into a beautiful art studio for my mom and her artist partner.  I have been in love with this building since then…so much, in fact, that we had our wedding in the downstairs. It turned out exactly as I had imagined…beautiful, with all of the exposed brick and hardwood flooring.  We also did our “first look” in that building, in the upstairs…the other half that was not my moms studio. 

You may remember this beautiful photo taken by Jana Pryor.



Yeah, that picture…with those super cool windows that let so much natural light in…that is the other half of the upstairs…

and now… the exciting news is:


It has been turned into two STUNNING apartments.

That exact spot of our “first look” could be your living room!  Obviously this building holds so many memories for us which is why I am so excited to share this with you guys.  When my dad mentioned he was turning part of the upstairs into apartments I didn’t get too excited, BUT they are finished and let me tell you, I am beyond excited with how amazing they are.  I jokingly (sort of ) told my husband we should sell our house and move down there…they are gorgeous.  If you are looking for an apartment or know someone that is…you need to look at these!

Let me take you on a little tour so you can see for yourself.

The front the of building is just as beautiful as the inside…and it sits right next door to Zak's. For those that don’t know, Zak’s is a restaurant and bar that has amazing margaritas and great food. I mean, you can walk over, have a drink, eat some good food and then walk on home…doesn’t get better then that!

 Front of the Building…the entrance to the apartments is the far left door.

cameraapril3 041

cameraapril3 003

cameraapril3 040

The hallway and steps that lead upstairs are even pretty…the exposed brick and exposed beams in the ceiling, so cool

Steps and hallway

 cameraapril3 004

cameraapril3 006

The first apartment you will be touring is 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.

View from the front door.

cameraapril3 009

The kitchen and living area are complete open concept with hardwood floors, high and beautiful ceilings, and the kitchen is high quality and amazing! There is a crazy amount of cabinet space for an apartment like this and the cabinets themselves are beautiful…plus they have that slow closing ability (I am sure there is a technical term for this) so they don’t slam shut ever…so nice!

cameraapril3 010

cameraapril3 019

cameraapril3 021

Both bedrooms are a nice size with a full bath and closet in both.

cameraapril3 022

cameraapril3 013

cameraapril3 023

cameraapril3 016

There is also a half bath with a washer/dryer hook up in a huge room that could also be used for storage, or your bike, so you can bike to all the great things downtown has to offer. I mean, seriously…how nice is all of that space?!?!

cameraapril3 011


Moving on to the second apartment which is a 1 bedroom 1 1/2 bath.

The kitchen and living space are open concept just like the other apartment.  The kitchens also have all of the same cabinets, countertops and stainless steal appliances.

cameraapril3 027 

Same beautiful high ceilings with amazing lighting that actually shines the light upward so you don’t feel like you are in a spot light.

cameraapril3 031

Nice large sink with garbage disposal (obviously super important!) , and gorgeous quartz countertops. (The same in both apartments)

cameraapril3 036

Built in microwave and amazing gas stove top and oven. (again, same thing in the other apartment too)

cameraapril3 035

The living space, bedroom and kitchen area all have the beautiful high ceilings and hardwood flooring.

cameraapril3 029

The bedroom is very spacious with a full bath and walk in closet.

cameraapril3 032

cameraapril3 033 

You guys, these pictures don’t even do them justice. If  you know anyone or are someone that would be interested in renting these beautiful spaces you can email me and I can get you in to actually see them in person. (

Besides being beautiful, the location is pretty cool as well. As I mentioned, you would be neighbors with some pretty talented artists (Studio 202)in the same building…and you are also surrounded by tons more cool artists and studios downtown which you can find here. The first Friday of every month there is actually an Art Walk and you would literally just have to walk out your front door to be involved! 

Other then the restaurant I mentioned earlier (Zak’s) there are also several other pretty amazing restaurants too. The Treehouse is a really cool coffee shop and also has amazing food and is only about a block away.  The Old Markethouse Inn is another great place to grab a drink and some good food and it is also only a couple of blocks away. Another little place to grab some food that is really close is Dooleys on Market.

As if that all wasn’t plenty of great things to do right in your backyard there is also a pretty great gym right next door that offers personal training, classes and more called Schimmel Fitness. I know my mom loves having it so close to her studio and utilizes the proximity every single day.  I  mean a gym literally next door to you is pretty great!!!

As  you can tell, I am extremely passionate about how fabulous and amazing these apartments are. Spread the word and let me know if you have any questions at

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  1. Stunning! As a young adult, it would be perfect for me, but it may be out of my budget 😔