Monday, March 9, 2015

weekend/end of last week shenanigans

I didn’t have the chance to blog very much last week so I figured I would catch you up with all of the super cool things we did via a photo dump.  Although that sort of sounds disgusting as I type it…it is actually a thing people in the blogging world do. 

Here we go…photo dump (with explanations)

We took lots of naps…

phonemarch1 015

phonemarch1 043

We started mastering the art of smiling during pictures (selfies…if I don’t take pics of me with Ellie no one else will and I will have none) As well as duck lips (she is seriously teething right now, so I think she is making this face for comfort…hilarious no matter what)  and looking EXTRA cute at nap time.

lphonemarch1 044

phonemarch1 030 

phonemarch1 042

We watched a movie…she has become more and more obsessed with her little Pottery Barn chair and it is the cutest darn thing ever to see her sitting there like a big kid!

phonemarch1 009

phonemarch1 010

and last but not least my favorite picture from the last couple of days.

We travel to Granville every Thursday for a kids music class called WeJoySing.  It takes us about 40 minutes to get there…I realize this might seem crazy but she LOVES the class, it gets us out of the house for a bit, and I don’t mind the drive once a week.  At any rate sometimes I have to change her diaper when we get there or before we leave and I haven’t found a changing table thing there yet (it is in a church, so you would think there was one!) Usually I just take her into the extra room and change her on a table…well this specific day people were in that room so I had to take her into the bathroom with me. 

These are things that I never worried about before I had a kid…you don’t think about these things, why would you?!?!

Anyways, my only option was to change the poor gal on the floor in the bathroom. Thankfully our diaper bag has a little pad attached that she could lay on so she didn’t have to be directly on the gross floor.  I had to snap a picture because the whole thing looked hilarious and ridiculous and the fact that she just didn’t care AT ALL was even better!!!

phonemarch1 018

Poor thing…

Our weekend was nothing too crazy…but this week has a lot in store. I am getting my hair done tomorrow (big changes)…I am working on our St. Patrick’s Day  gear…iron on shamrocks, etc etc…I am planning out my nails for St. Patrick’s Day-DUH (watch for that on Beauty Wednesday)  The hubs gets a C-Pap machine(for sleep apnea and snoring)…hello good night sleeps, hopefully…and we are attending a fundraiser event for the local animal shelter society called, Yappy Hour…how great of a name is that?!?!

Hope your week is amazing!!

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