Monday, March 2, 2015

weekend shenanigans…boring

I was trying to figure out what we did over the weekend, and it turns out we did a whole lot of nothing.

This snow is killing our social life…it is causing us all to go a little crazy…the dog wants to get outside and run…the baby wants to feel the sunshine on her little face…I want to enjoy a cocktail by the pool.  This past weekend we dreamed off spring, drank a couple Summer Shandys (yes they just came back out…YAY!), walked around our mall, yes we were that desperate, we mall walked/browsed, and watched movies. (while taking pictures of everything of course)

Without further ado…here is our weekend in pictures.

phonefeb4 043



phonefeb4 047 


phonefeb4 050

phonefeb4 008

phonefeb4 038

phonefeb4 053

And then there was this stupid thing:

phonefeb4 049

At first I thought the whole thing was just dumb…until I so clearly saw white and gold and Joe so clearly saw black and blue. The science of it confused the crap out of me…but I am just so weirded out by my own eyes…how can I trust my own eyes ever again!?!?!?!?!

Hope you had a good weekend…perhaps a little more exciting then ours…and have a great Monday!

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