Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Office Organization

I have been trying, since we moved in, to figure out how to organize our office.  It currently houses my desk, the hubby’s desk, two bookshelves and the giant dog crate.  My goal was to have this also be a space for Ellie to play while I work on things during the day…so a play space is key.  For the life of me, I could not figure out how I wanted this room to look!!!   I searched pinterest and tried to figure out how to fit everything into the room in a way that still allowed Ellie plenty of space to play and explore.

I think I have finally come up with something that works…at least for now.  Eventually it will have to change to accommodate Ellie’s interests, but for now I think it works pretty well.



We added the floor squares for her to play on and the butcher block table we ended up not needing for the kitchen, so it got added in too. (it works great for me to cut fabric and make bows) Disregard the lovely curtains…they came with the house and we haven’t changed them yet.  We plan on painting this room eventually as well.

Here is a better look at my desk and space…

camerafeb3 006

camerafeb3 007


And Ellie’s side…

camerafeb3 008

I strung Christmas lights on the ceiling above her play area and she loves them the older she gets. And on the left side of this picture you can see Joe’s side of the room…I tried to maintain a space for him too!

camerafeb3 004

She LOVES playing with Reggie’s crate.

camerafeb3 010

and this poster is also a favorite!

camerafeb3 013

It took me awhile to pull my shiz together and figure out how to organize this room so that we could all have a space and it wouldn’t look like a tornado came thru.  I am pretty happy with the way it turned out and I love that Ellie can play and explore the room safely and I can  be working on the computer right next to her. 

Next project: to finish the kitchen/dining area….the wallpaper is finally almost down (another story for another day) and the paint color is picked out.  Hopefully soon I will have another update on that, but until then happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love seeing room makeovers!! It looks great, and fantastic idea to have a play area in there!! (Ps. I fully thought that stupid dress was blue and black, I could possible see a smidge of white, but no gold at all!lol)