Friday, February 13, 2015

Sparkle and Shine It’s Birthday Time!

I am soooooo late to the game on this one (like a month), but Ellie turned one last month and I HAVE to post all about it!!!!

camerajan1 015

First of all, I cannot believe she is already one year old…everyone tells you time flies and I tried so hard to enjoy every single moment…but it still went too fast.  Every month leading up to this was so much fun and it just keeps getting better with all of the new things she learns and does, we are so excited to see what this next year brings!

STATS: weight…24 lbs 8 oz (97%!!!!)   height…29.5 inches(63%…so at least her height is catching up to her weight!)

This little girl is so happy…she crawls and gets into everything.  She only has 2 teeth but that doesn’t stop her from being the best little eater there ever was.  She loves meatless meatballs, green beans for days, black beans, applesauce, peaches, hummus….she seriously eats pretty much anything we throw her way. She loves Mickey/Minnie and lambie from Doc McStuffins.  She has recently started to have a love for books…she will sit quietly and pull every single book off the shelf and flip thru them and look at the pictures. This is the cutest dang thing ever…I have a mild obsession with children's books so this new love of hers also makes this mama pretty happy!!  She is constantly babbling…I think we are going to be in trouble once she actually starts talking cause she has a lot to say and may never stop, and i can’t deny she gets it honest…poor husband will have a lot of females in the house chatting him to death! She says “moma” “dadada” “baby” “hi” and “bye”…and she points at everything!

phonedecjan3 060

Now let’s talk party! I was super excited to plan and make things for her first birthday party but I also let myself get stressed out about making it perfect.  In reality a first birthday party is more for the parents then anyone…I mean Ellie probably won’t remember anything about it other then what she see’s in pictures. 
I for sure let the pressure of seeing all of those amazing pictures on pinterest with the perfectly matching paper straws and decorations get the best of me. 

Who the heck has time or money for all that!!!

My husband quickly reminded me what was important…getting everyone together to celebrate our little girl, and the food…of course the food, duh!

So I quickly refocused on the important things and the party was perfect.  Tons of family, tons of great food (hot dog bar) and Ellie had a blast!

I made her tutu, onesie and birthday crown, and I loved how they turned out!

camerajan2 030

I love this picture because Joe taught her how to hold up one finger to show how old she is…and being the little ham that she is, she showed everyone right before we sang to her.  My love for this picture is because my grandma’s hand is in the corner showing her “one” too and I think it is so precious!!

camerajan2 058

The cupcake…decorated by daddy with love:)

camerajan2 052

camerajan2 072

She could have cared less about her cupcake…no big cake smash for her.

camerajan2 085

Face timing aunt Molly (she lives in Colorado and couldn’t make the party) This picture makes me sad and happy all at the same time…we miss her sooo much and wished she could have been there, but technology these days makes it so nice to stay connected so we were thankful she could still see everything happen in real time!!

camerajan2 086

camerajan2 088 

She seems so excited about her cupcake…I also made the tassels, which I loved and currently have them hanging in my office. They were so easy…made out of plastic table cloths!!

camerajan2 101

While she was opening her gifts she discovered everyone was watching her…and she started clapping and loved the fact that everyone laughed when she did this, so she she kept doing it.  She seriously is such a little ham and loves being the center of attention…uggg!

camerajan2 107

And then there are these three…Mattyn, Ellie and Sloane…all born within a month of each other..second cousins…little turds.

camerajan2 116

Not an easy picture to take…they obviously don’t like sitting still

camerajan2 117

And then Ellie sat on Mattyn’s head..haha

camerajan2 118

Don’t worry no one was hurt! They have so much fun together when we can actually get them all together, and I know it will only get better as they all get older!

camerajan2 124

My favorite part of the decorations was her wall of monthly pictures.  These were so fun to take each month and soooo awesome to look at all together to see how much she has changed over the first year. Her party couldn’t have gone any better and we feel so lucky to have so many people that care about Ellie as much as we do!

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