Friday, February 20, 2015

Oh Hey Friday…Cooped Up Edition

It’s Friday…and we actually have super fun plans tonight…thank GOD!!!!!! I don’t know about anyone else but this brutally cold air and snow has left us feeling stir crazy. Being stuck in the house for days and days can get pretty boring so I have compiled a list of things you could do to pass the time:

1// Play peek-a-boo: Because why not.

camerafeb1 031

camerafeb1 032


2// Watch someone else shovel the driveway…Because it’s better then doing it yourself, and when you have a crazy dog that loves the snow it can be pretty entertaining.

phoneblog2 009

phoneblog2 013

(crazy dog mid-air)

phoneblog2 015 

phoneblog2 021


3//Watch crappy/awesome reality TV…Because you can live vicariously thru the train wrecks on TV who apparently have more active and fun lives then you right now…plus most of them live in sunny climates so that is always nice to imagine yourself in the sun.


4// Attempt to remove ugly wallpaper…Because when you get this bored anything sounds like a good idea. And that there my friends took two of us ONE hour…this is going to take FOR-EV-ER!!!

camerablog2 001


5// Drink…Because when all else fails…and you have tried removing wallpaper…and you forget what fresh air feels like…just start drinking. Preferably some fruity number that will make you feel like you are on the beach…or a Corona, that would probably do the trick too.

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There you have it…I hope your weekend is fun and sunny!!

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