Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Miss Bookworm

This child of mine has found a love for books and I could not be happier. She could sit like this forever.

ellie reading

I don’t know if she has more fun pulling all of the books off of the shelf or actually looking at them…but I love it either way.  It is the sweetest darn thing in the world to look over and see her quietly flipping thru books. I am constantly putting all of the books back on the shelf because she loves pulling them all down and exploring…and it just isn’t as fun if they aren’t actually on the shelf!

As I have mentioned before I have a slight obsession with children’s books so this new love of hers has only fed my obsession.  Sorry hubs!

camerafeb1 049

Oh, and she must cross her feet when she gets super serious about reading…duh!

We do actually read to her…a lot…but she is more into the browsing books by herself thing so we will go with that for however long she likes it!  Board books are also her thing, paper pages are only temptation to rip the suckers out and then rip into smaller pieces…something so amazing about the crinkle of paper. We give her magazines to satisfy that little obsession of hers, keeps her busy a’rippin for a long time. So, board books it is…but I am very excited for when she can look at paper books because this momma has a million other books just a waiting for those days!

Do your kiddos have any favorites that we (ok me…I'm obsessed) need to purchase and add to our collection?!?!


  1. Marshall is the same way! He likes pop-up books and touch & feel books. We have a couple Sandra Boynton too! So cute!

  2. This is adorable!! Those crossed feet are precious. It looks like you've already taught her to LOVE books!!

    1. Thanks! Yes her little crossed feet get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.