Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beauty Wednesday…On a Budget

Since staying home with Ellie and managing our family on one income I have made it a mission to find drug store beauty products to replace some of my high  end ones.  Spending a ton of money on my face just doesn’t seem like a top priority.  Let me preface this with the fact that my husband knows how important makeup is to me and thinks there is nothing wrong with buying makeup WITH IN REASON…even high end brands, so I don’t want anyone thinking he is “making” me buy cheap makeup. (oh the horror)  Of course, he isn’t as familiar with products as I am and I know drug store brands can often times have really great products.

Sometimes there seriously is just nothing that compares to the high end…MAC painterly pot…nothing like it in my opinion!  Sometimes I manage to find things that are just as good, if not better…and honestly, it has been really fun trying to find good products at a lower cost.

Let me share some of those finds and I will tell you what high end product they currently replace.

1// Yes to Grapefruit Repair & Correct CC Cream in Light:  I love me some CC creams!  For those that aren’t familiar with them ,CC stands for Color Correcting.  They are used to brighten, hydrate, protect (SPF) and even out your skin…correct any discoloration on your face.  With that said, this stuff isn’t a miracle so if you have major discoloration or sun spots this won’t make them disappear…however, it will even out your complexion and help to soften everything.  It is tinted and I use it as my foundation on most days.  I don’t love really heavy foundation, so this is perfect for me because it is more like a tinted moisturizer.  I apply this with a brush but you could use your fingers…I just think a brush gives it more of an airbrush finish. I have some redness to my cheeks and a few other “spots” on my face and this stuff seriously evens everything out and its hydrating which my skin craves in the cold months!  I really do love this stuff, and it doesn’t break me out at all. 

Replaces: IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

cc cream


2// Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm: I really needed a good powder to help set the CC cream and to add a tiny bit more coverage and I heard about this stuff via a youtube video.  I really like this powder…it stays in place all day and stays matte all day.  I have combination skin, so being super oily isn’t a huge problem for me…but I think even if you did this stuff would keep you shine free all day.  I just apply it with a fluffy brush after my CC cream. 

Replaces: Bare Escentuals powder. (I won’t say the Rimmel is as good.  Bare Escentuals gives more coverage but for my purposes Rimmel is working great)

stay matte


3//NYX Blush in Pinch:  I am a fan of pink/peach blush with a touch of gold and this blush is exactly that.  The pigment is great and it lasts all days.

Replaces: Nars in Orgasm…I love the Nars blush but it is sooooo pricey.  This NYX blush is so close in color that I really couldn’t believe it.  Plus it is so much more affordable.  



4// Maybelline Master Concealer in Light:  This is marketed as a camouflaging concealer and full coverage.  I currently use IT cosmetics bye bye under eye and LOVE it…but I haven’t gotten around to repurchasing it so I thought I would try something more affordable.  I like this stuff…I don’t think I love it, but it is pretty darn good.  It covers nicely and stays put all day, my only dislike would be the consistency.  It is a little more dry then I prefer…I like a creamy concealer for under my eyes.  I still have been using it and like it, so it would be a great affordable alternative if you are in the market.  I am still planning on repurchasing my bye bye under eyes though.

Replaces: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye (for now)


There you have it…four affordable beauty products to replace some high end favorites.  Do you guys have any drug store brand products that you have fallen in love with???

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