Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Over the weekend we went to Columbus and got to enjoy all of the OSU game day festivities for the first time this year!!  Back in the day this was my all time favorite thing to do (after St. Patrick’s Day festivities of course) I love the atmosphere of everyone tailgating and hanging out…listening to live music, drinking some cold beers, eating…just everything about it!  Last year, I was pregnant so we didn’t really get down there too much, and let’s be honest… it just isn’t the same when you can’t enjoy that cold beer!

(Varsity Club outside…look at all that action!)

phonenov1 050

This year,with Joe’s work schedule and other things we had going on just didn’t allow for us to get over there at all until this past weekend.  With Ellie just getting over being sick we couldn’t decide if it was worth going until last minute.  She stayed with Grandma MAC and was totally fine, and we ended up having so much fun.

Joe was really excited to try the new Hofbrauhaus Columbus in Grandview Yard. It had just opened and apparently he had been to another one and loved it.  We met my sister there and enjoyed some beer, food and atmosphere.  While I thought the beer was really amazing…and the food was pretty good (other then it is sort of hard to find non-meat items at a German restaurant) I was a little let down on the atmosphere….or I guess I just expected something totally different.  It is like a giant beer drinking hall with really high ceilings…sort of like a gymnasium.  I expected something a little more cozy like Claddagh’s.  Either way, I would go back and I am glad we got to experience it. 

At first I pretended like I was going to only drink a smaller beer…yeah right!

phonenov1 039 

Did I mention how giant the beer steins are?!?!?

phonenov1 040

After enjoying some beer we headed over to campus and hit up Varsity Club which is always a favorite, River Watch and Little Bar.  It was FREEZING out and I just wasn’t prepared for all that!!!

phonenov1 048

phonenov1 043

phonenov1 052

Over all we had a blast, but I have to say…knowing that you have a little person to take care of the next day really makes you think twice about how much of a hangover you really want to partake in.  It just isn’t like it used to be…the days you could sleep in forever, eat greasy food whenever you felt like it…take another nap. Nope…now we have to take turns depending on who feels worse…one of us takes a nap while the other plays with the baby…then switch.  Therefore…we don’t try and get hangovers very often, but it is fun to overindulge every now and again! (until the next day)

That was pretty much our weekend…waaaay more eventful then the usual.

And because I didn’t blog Friday I have to share a few pics of our little monkey on Halloween.  I died at this costume about as much as I did the ladybug!

I mean…her cheeks!

cameranov1 002

I love the little belly button and feet/slippers.

cameranov1 005

And the tuft of hair…I was dying

cameranov1 017

And…the monkey was on the loose!

cameranov1 031

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and and even better week!!

Happy Monday.

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