Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Recap, a day late

This past weekend was not exciting (well,compared to last weekend) but we had a great couple of days just being a family and enjoying our time together.  My sister Molly came and visited Friday night…she is entertaining and Ellie loves her, so it is always fun when she visits. We helped out at my moms art studio and then grabbed dinner and drinks while Joe stayed home with Ellie.  I have to say, going out without Joe is such a double edge sword…it is so nice to have a break from mommy duty, and just have a girls night out, but I always find myself feeling guilty that Joe isn’t getting that break too.  I know this is completely ridiculous and my husband, in no way at all makes me feel this way.  I just find it so hard to separate myself from my child…I am working on this, ha!

Molly spent the night so she was around to get to see this cute little water baby Saturday morning!  We signed her up for parent and me swim class at our local rec center and she loves it.  They basically just play in the water, but it is such a good thing for her to get more used to water and to play with other little friends.  We really thought it was important for her to not have some huge fear of water…and so far, mission accomplished.

PS-they don’t let you take pictures in the pool area for privacy reasons (which thank the good lord…ain’t no one needs to be seeing me in my suit right now) so I took some pictures after in the public family locker room area.



Saturday afternoon we actually had family pictures taken, which I think turned out really cute and I am so excited to get them back.  I totally forgot to take a single picture of us all dressed up, epic fail…so stay tuned for those.

The rest of the weekend was just spent playing with toys,

cameranov3 012

zooming around and peeking at us from behind furniture…

cameranov3 006

and watching daddy clean out the gutters with the leaf blower. About 2 seconds after I took this picture I realized my placement of the little lady was so wrong when all the stuff from the gutters came a’blowing right down on her. 

cameranov3 056

So I moved her back and she continued to be pretty entertained by all of the yard work action. 

Please note the super cute purple leopard Ugg boots my mom couldn’t resist purchasing. They totally don’t fit yet but I for sure stuffed her poor little feet in them…it was cold! These grandma’s…I tell ya…always buying the cutest dang things.  Just wait and see what Joe’s mom got her to wear for Christmas!!!

ellie 5 

cameranov3 052 

And, of course, Reg was loving the action too!

cameranov3 055

Low key family weekends is where it’s at these days. I mean we still enjoyed several adult beverages and watched a really funny movie after Ellie went to bed..but spending time watching little sassy butt’s personality start to blossom is so crazy and fun. I can’t wait to see how she keeps changing…on second thought, I can wait…she is just growing WAAAAYYY TOOOOO FAAAASSSTT!!

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