Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Reality Shows

Oh my gosh…this time change business is seriously messing with me! Anyone else?!?!?!  I find myself wasting time at night until I feel like it is appropriate to actually get into bed.  The getting darker earlier thing I HATE, but the getting lighter earlier in the morning thing is ok. Of course as winter keeps a 'coming the days just get shorter and shorter, and I just keep wanting to never leave the house. 

It is a problem…cold months, dark shorter days=me staying at home watching an unnecessary amount of reality TV. And so I bring to you:


These are in no particular order, and I honestly watch WAAAAAY more then 5…and I understand “reality” TV isn’t really reality..blah blah,but it is still good stuff!

1// Vanderpump Rules on Bravo: I love to hate this one. The drama, the people sleeping around, the pure craziness! The new season just started and I couldn’t be more excited.

2// Don’t Be Tardy on Bravo: This season actually already ended and I hope they have another one, but this is about Kim Zolciac Biermann (used to be on Real Housewife's of Atlanta) and her family.  She is hilarious, and I appreciate how close and loving of a family they are.

3// Chrisley Knows Best on USA Network: Hilarious.  This family is total southern charm at its funniest.

4// House Hunters on HGTV: A classic.

5// Teen Mom 2: I think this season is over already too, but I have always loved teen mom and teen mom 2. I know they are a little crazy but I find their stories fascinating.


Honorable Mentions:

*Myrtle Manner

*Courtney Loves Dallas

*Millionaire Matchmaker

*Toned Up

I am sure there are a million other ones I love too…actually I KNOW there are plenty of other shows I watch as well. I just love reality TV…and I am ok admitting that!

Anyone else find themselves flipping thru channels and always landing on some sort of reality show?!?!?!

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