Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beauty Wednesday…My Favorite Beauty Vloggers

One of my favorite things to do is watch beauty vloggers on YouTube. Some of them I have watched and followed for years…some of them I have purchased products they have suggested and have loved as much as they did.  I have come to trust their opinion, I have learned different applications and looks from them.  They spark my creativity in makeup and help to give me new ideas.  I have swooned over their vanity setups, free makeup they receive to review…the fact that most of them get some sort of payment to talk about makeup…my dream!!!!! 

At any rate, I thought I would give you the rundown of my favorite beauty vloggers and why I love them.

top beauty vloggers

1// Makeup By Tiffany D:  Tiffany is one that I have followed the longest.  I have come to totally trust the products she recommends.  I love watching her tutorials, and now she is pregnant so it is fun watching her go thru that also. 


2// Jaclyn Hill:  I started following Jaclyn’s videos about a year ago and really like them.  She used to be a MAC makeup artist so she knows a ton of tricks and info that professional makeup artists usually don’t share.  I usually love her tutorials the best, but she tends to use mostly high end products so I don’t purchase many things she talks about but get great ideas and use products I do have to create similar looks.  She has had several videos using drug store brand makeup though…so I enjoyed that. Plus she is gorgeous…so of course all makeup looks good on her and makes me think I should use the same things in hopes that, I too, will look like her. (total ridiculousness, I know)


3// Nicole Guerriero:  This is one I more recently started following, but I LOVE her.  She is pretty comical, she does hair tutorials as well as makeup and skin care and I really find her videos fun to watch.  I have purchased several products per her recommendation and have loved them.  Check out her Halloween makeup tutorials…A-MAZE-ING!

4// Missy Sue: This is one of those vloggers I found via Pinterest. I kept seeing these crazy pretty hairstyles and soon realized they were all the same girl.  She is annoyingly cute and she does the craziest braided “I could never do that myself” looks…yet I am pretty sure I could do them after watching her tutorials. 


There you have it…my top beauty vloggers, the ladies I tend to watch whenever they post a new video. 

I have some other gals I watch every now and then, but I find that sometimes beauty vloggers are teens that just don’t have the same lifestyle or needs as I do.  Of course, they are great too, just not so much for me.

I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do, or at least find a few tips you might not have known before this.

Happy hump day!!!

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