Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap…Pumpkin Patch

Hey guys, sorry for my brief disappearance from the blog. I have been soooo preoccupied with getting my little business venture up and running (Ellie Lou Boutique), and raising little Ellie that I have not figured out how to do it all.  I mean who really has…but I love blogging, I love being a mom and I love making headbands so I gotta figure this out.

I am so excited about Ellie Lou Boutique, but I will share all of the updates on that later this week…(I have a logo!!!!)

This past weekend was sort of a busy one for us.  We headed to Hilliard to visit Joe’s dad and step mom and we all went to a pumpkin patch.  I have been dying to get Ellie out and make some fall traditions/memories, and a pumpkin patch was high on my list. 

We went to Kuhlweins Farm Market in Hilliard.

cameraoct2 081

They had a petting zoo, a little place you could ride ponies, bouncy houses…a fire pit to make s’mores.  The older kids loved all of that stuff and Ellie loved watching all of the kids. I wore my Ergo because it was so much easier then bringing the stroller and trying to get it thru the pumpkin patch…and there was a hay ride that took you to the pumpkins so a stroller would have been terrible.

cameraoct2 038

cameraoct2 041

cameraoct2 049

cameraoct2 047

I mean, does it get any cuter?!?!?!  While Ellie doesn’t mind being in the Ergo, she is a total nib…and has to know and be able to see what is going on around her at all times.  The Ergo restricted her from seeing everything so she did what babies do and arched her little back and whined until I took her out…gotta love babies.

cameraoct2 058

The hay ride took us to a corn maze…that then led to the pumpkin patch, and let me just say that corn maze was no joke!!! At one point I silently panicked wondering if there was some sort of backup in case we never found our way out.  Obviously it is meant for kids so I was being totally ridiculous, but that’s how my brain works…and I suppose it worse came to worse I could have just ran straight thru the corn and said screw the maze. I have issues, I know.

I mean look at the path to nowhere!!!

cameraoct2 063

Ellie and her pawpaw and mawmaw. (after barely making it out of the maze alive)



cameraoct2 066

At the pumpkin patch you each got to pick one pumpkin (included in the price of the hayride) and Ellie got to get a little pumpkin for free.  I seriously can’t remember if I have ever actually been to a pumpkin patch before and got to pick out my pumpkin. I am sure my mom is reading this and saying I have…I just can’t remember. Not that I had some un-fun and un-festive childhood, I just know we went to the store and picked out pumpkins. Mom…refresh my memory on this, thanks!

At any rate, it was fun and I will be for sure doing this again.

cameraoct2 080

I tried to get all creative and have Ellie pose with a bunch of pumpkins, but she had other plans and decided she needed to eat the hay she was sitting on.

cameraoct2 086

cameraoct2 087

It was a good time and the weather was perfect…chilly but not too cold, I LOVE FALL!!!

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful fall weather too and had a great weekend…and I hope we all have a great week ahead!!!

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