Tuesday, October 28, 2014

She is on the move…and super cute

It seemed to happen over night…I know most parents say this, but I cannot believe how true it is.  One day Ellie was just army crawling around unable to really do much else (97% in weight will do that to ya, ha) and the next day…BAM, she is pulling herself up, fake crawling (not really moving, just staying in place) on her hands and knees…she figured out how to sit up from a laying position, and we had to move her crib mattress down for fear she might swan dive peeking over the edge! 

Sorry for the creepy monitor photo…

phoneoct1 183

How did this all happen in a matter of days!?!?!?!?!

I,of course took a ba-zillion pictures this weekend of her doing all these new things, and it just so happened that one of those days was trick or treat at my parents house so she looked EXTRA cute dressed up trying to crawl. 

This toy has proven to be amazing at getting her interested in pulling herself up…and the tutu!!!!

cameraoct3 026

I had to include this picture not because she is doing anything new…but, because she is totally cheesing at herself in the mirror and I think it is beyond cute! And her socks say “wicked cute” which she is…just saying.

cameraoct3 032

Pushing off to get on her knees…and again I die every time I see her in these tutu pants. I told my husband I kind of wanted to sew tulle on every pair of pants she owns because I think it is so darn cute.  He was not as interested in that plan…we shall see.

cameraoct3 037

She was a little confused as to why we sat her in mulch…but there are actually pumpkins behind her that she ended up blocking.  But how cute is that pumpkin trick or treat bag from Land’s End my mom got her?!?! Can’t wait to fill that bad boy up with candy next year…for her, obviously for her.

cameraoct3 047

cameraoct3 061

And did I mention how squirmy she is lately…trying to escape the hands of Nana!

cameraoct3 059

cameraoct3 082

The costume made it a little tricky for her to get around, which also made it that much cuter!!!

cameraoct3 083

cameraoct3 088

I will miss these meaty little legs when she gets older :(

phoneoct1 172

She is just getting so big so quick and I am just trying to soak it all in moment by moment.  Soon she will probably be sassing me and wanting to wear makeup (although truth be told the makeup thing I am excited for) but for now I am trying to relish her being little! '

Happy Monday!!!

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