Monday, October 27, 2014

New look, old name

Let’s start with the obvious…I have an amazing new blog design by the very talented Kelsey.

(you can find her little etsy shop Here, I highly recommend her!)

I love, love, love it and I hope you do too. 

For awhile now I have felt like my blog needed a little makeover.  I went back and forth on if I should change the name. I could feel myself wanting to take the blog in another direction but I was resisting.  I have always found it so much more authentic when I write about  my life…what I am going thru, what I like, what I find irritating, etc, etc, etc.  This blog started out when I was 29 1/2 years old and I was bar crawling, going to random events…I was single, childless…I was having the time of my life really!!! And so I wrote about that…the adventures of a single gal living in the big city of Columbus trying to find herself. (I realize 29 might be a tad old to be finding myself, but hey…better late then never I guess)

You followed me as I went on themed bar crawls, as I wrote about why I don’t eat meat, as I went on dates, went to parties, fought the urge to just be a single cat lady…you read along as I spilled my guts about divorce, being single at 30, as I wrote my heart out about wanting a family…you followed along as I met my now husband, as I got married, as we bought a house-sold a house-bought another house…as we got a dog, as I struggled my big old uncomfortable butt thru pregnancy.  You read along as Ellie was born, you watched as she has grown over the months and as I have loved/struggled with this new role of being a mama. 

And that brings us to now.  I have been fighting myself silently in the battle of what to write about on here.  There is part of me that misses those bar crawls and themed parties, and I fear my life now could be boring…if you loved reading about my single lady adventures then you might not really care about my mommy adventures. 

But…I can’t write if I am not being true to myself…I can’t write if I am not being authentic. After much thought and an inner battle….(that was fought fearlessly by drinking many glasses of wine, duh)… I have given in.

I am a stay at home mom…I am a wife…this is my life, and I love it. 

Maybe my writings about how the hell you juggle putting makeup on daily, having your daughter look cute, have the dishes done, make sure your kid is eating the finest food (sarcasm), remain in a loving marriage….AWWWW even writing all of this is overwhelming. Maybe I will pull new readers in that can relate to my life NOW…and I hope my old readers will still want to follow along on my new adventures because even though my life has changed, my sense of humor and writing style has not.  I still try and write like I am talking to my sister…I am still sarcastic and try to find the randomness in most situations. 

If reading about my life has gotten boring, be happy you are bored…I wish I was bored most days, I miss being bored…but seriously, I hope you find my life and my writing real, because I have a hard time sugar coating things here.  I hope you find my blog to be a place to escape for a second, find a funny story…look at pictures of a super cute chubby baby, maybe get a few beauty tips, laugh a little…and then return to your life.

So while I have updated the look of my blog, I am still the same old me…just with a baby and a husband and different things happening in my life.  While I felt like at 30 years old the name “fearless and laughing” fit what I was going thru, I had no idea it would SERIOUSLY apply to this stage of my life even more.  Being a mom I have to be fearless and I sure as crap need to laugh…so the name has stayed. 

Fearless and Laughing…the adventures of my life, as told by me!

I hope you continue to enjoy (or at least read even if you don’t love what I am saying!!)



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