Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daddy’s are great too…

I know I talk on this blog a lot about what Ellie and I are doing…about being a stay at home mama…about beauty products…sometimes about Reggie (the dog) but I don’t usually talk too much about Ellie’s daddy.  I think it might be true when people say that you fall somehow even deeper in love with your husband when you see them holding your baby for the first time. My heart couldn’t have been more filled with love that first moment Joe saw Ellie, that first moment he held her.

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Uggg…I can’t get over how tiny she used to be!!!!

This man was not only the best daddy right away…but he also was the best husband.  I have no idea how I would have made it thru those first few months without him.  Truth be told…I don’t think I had full fledge post partum depression, but I definitely had moments of it (if that is even possible) I was a wreck…so overwhelmed, so full of hormonal emotions, so nervous because she was so tiny, I was sooooo tired…

but this man…

I cannot say enough wonderful things about how much he pulled me thru.  I cannot even begin to tell you what a great daddy he is, but if you know him at all this wouldn’t come as a surprise.  He is so hands on, makes her smile and laugh daily…he worries about her in the sweetest moments and backs me up on all my crazy reading and research about how we should do things with her.  He is my rock in this crazy thing called parenthood. 

He figures out a way to make ends meet so that miss Ellie gets to have her mommy with her all day, every day…so that I get to stay at home and enjoy every single moment with her.  For that alone, I cannot even begin to put into words how thankful I am. 

This journey has just begun and I am already more in love with Ellie’s daddy then the day I married him…I cannot wait to see where this ride takes us.

(sorry for the cheese ball post…but when you feel something you gotta express it)

And so, in my true nature, I will now give you pictures (yes more pictures)…pictures of Ellie with the best daddy this mama could ever ask for!


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Could these pictures be any sweeter?!?!?! I obviously take a million daily, and since I am the one behind the camera usually…a lot of those pics happen to be of Ellie and her daddy so sorry for the over sharing…I just love all of those moments so much I couldn’t narrow them down.

I know my job as a mama is pretty darn important, and stressful at times…but so, so, so very rewarding…but being a daddy, an amazing daddy is hard work too and I just thought I should acknowledge that today too.

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