Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beauty Wednesday

Hello, Hello, Hello…Happy Hump Day!

It is that time when the work week is turning the corner towards the weekend, and for my blog…it is that time of the week when I talk about one of my favorite things…beauty products…YAY!

I am going to start this off with a very cool and exciting eye shadow palette I saw in my Ulta magazine/flyer thing I get in the mail.  In case you didn’t know, I used to work at Ulta for a short period after Ellie was born and before we moved to Zanesville…part time as an arch expert (shaped and waxed some amazing brows).  During that time at Ulta I was in hog heaven learning and playing with every single product I could get my hands on.  I learned A LOT in a short period of time.  One of those things is that Urban Decay has some very fun and great eye shadows.  Which brings me to my first product:

Urban Decay Vice3 eye shadow palette: So I don’t own this, and I just saw it in my Ulta flyer recently…but I am dying to try it. Look how fun the colors are, and I know from experience the eye shadow quality is great.  There are 20 never before seen colors that range from matte to shimmery. It does cost $60….which I don’t just have laying around, BUT if I did and I could spend it on myself…I would for sure want to try out this super fun palette. The case is so fun and you get a double ended brush…so really that $60 is probably worth it..I am talking myself into buying it…

If you do go buy it please let me know how amazing it it or tag me in a pic on instagram @abby22doodle so I can see how pretty it is on you and cry because I don’t have it!!!!

 in color

Milani Color Statement Lip liner in Nude: Ok, so I have mentioned this company before HERE but I have to talk about this lip liner.  I find it really hard to find a color that works for me…things either turn super orange (which I personally don’t like) or bright pink…like my lips are chapped for days and days (which, again, not what I am going for unless I am trying for a bold pink lip) For an everyday lip pencil that I can use under pretty much every color lip-gloss or lipstick I LOVE this color. It truly is the perfect nude. I wear it all the time and it is only $3.49 which you cannot beat!!!! I have tried several MAC lip pencils and I like them but this quality seems to be just as good, so this stay at home mom (one income family) will stick with the cheaper and just as good pencil!

*picture thanks to Valentine Kisses Blog, you can read her review on all the colors over at her blog.

MAC x The Simpsons Collection:  You guys, I saw this the other day and almost died…for two reason:

1//The Simpsons have been around long enough to have a 25th anniversary collection, which makes me feel super old…

2// This collection made me laugh and then kind of get excited because it actually looks sort of fun and wearable.

The packaging is seriously amazing…so fun and probably a collectors dream.  The colors aren’t even bad and the nail decals…I mean come on…who doesn’t want Simpson nails, my husband would love it!! (on me of course) In all honesty I probably won’t purchase any of this but if you are looking for something fun and different go check it out while it lasts…MAC never disappoints!!!

*picture thanks to beauty blog Vampy Varnish, you can read a ton more on this collection over there.

That’s all I got for today folks…enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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