Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beauty Wednesday is Back…Beee-att-ches

Sorry I got a little carried away with the title of this post…it’s just that I have missed blogging about beauty things. I blame myself, not enough time or motivation the last couple of weeks due to a sick baby…AGAIN!

This poor child, I swear…for not going to daycare she has been pretty darn sick the last couple of months. Where in the crap is she catching these germs???

This last time I waited and waited and finally took her back to the doctor when her cough changed from something I wasn’t too concerned with to something that sounded pretty terrible…Call it mommy instinct but I am darn glad I took her.  Poor little gal has the early stages of pneumonia!!!

You wouldn’t know it from the way she is acting…fun with doctor table paper, as always.

phoneoct1 177

phoneoct1 175

phoneoct1 181 

And don’t mind the fact that her socks are pulled up like she is an old lady with knee highs on…whatever works!  At any rate she had to have a chest x-ray….which was the worst part of the entire process, if your child has had one you know what I am talking about…so SAD!!! She was put on antibiotics which I am not thrilled about but you do what you gotta do I guess. Hopefully she is on the mend!!!!

Butta…back to beauty Wednesday…sorry I got caught up in baby stories ahhh-gain.

Because I have had little time for myself lately I have resorted to my trusty, super quick, eye look.  Sometime soon I will break down my entire routine on the daily but for now let’s focus on eyes…after all, they are the window to the soul (sorry I had to say it)

Back in the days of endless time I used to love figuring out what eye shadow I would wear for the day…did I want a smoky look, navy, browns, purples…a lot of liner, a little liner…the options were endless really.  Now a days I throw on the quickest thing I have found that makes me look the most awake and put together. And it goes as follows:

1// I put on my entire “face” including under eye concealer...VERY important to give you the look we are going for, the “I am so refreshed and awake and could run around the world I have so much energy” look. You can read about what concealer I am obsessed with Here.

2// Next I apply MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in the color Painterly. I pretty much use this as an eye shadow base.  When I wear a ton of other shadow this stuff makes it stay on ALL DAY…but for days like most when I just want my eye lid to have a clean finished look I throw this on all over from lash line to brow using my finger.

phoneoct2 001

3//  Now I take a fluffy crease brush and apply MAC cosmetics eye shadow color in Haux.  It is the perfect maroon/brown neutral to create a hint of a crease on your lid without being too dramatic.

phoneoct2 003


Like I said I just take a fluffy brush and apply this just in the crease of my eyelid…like, where the eye ball starts to go back into your head (sorry for the gross description, ha) A lot of times I actually do this with my eye open so I can tell where the crease really is. You do this to create a shadow/contour so your eye looks brighter and more open.

phoneoct2 007

(ps, i obviously took this picture after I had already put my liner on…but that is the next step…I just didn’t think to take pictures today until I had completed the look and had to go back and “fake” apply everything..real smooth I know)

4// Apply the liner:  I sometimes use a powder shadow, but lately I have been using this one from Mally in the color Starlight.  To apply eyeliner using this technique you have to make sure it is one that is a little more soft and creamy.  I love this one because it is just that, but it is also waterproof so it stays put! I start by applying the liner along my top lash line…it does not have to be perfect because you will fix it later. I do this on both eyes, and if I am getting fancy I will also line the inner rim of my upper lash line to really define those lashes and make them appear thick. 


Next I take a brush that is sort of thick and dense and angled…like the above one by bare escentuals and I use it to blend and wing out (slightly) the liner. 

phoneoct2 005

Doing this makes that line look less harsh, it lets you push that liner down into the lashes wish can sometimes be hard to do with just the pencil.  Using a brush really gives you more control and if you use a product that is creamy it makes it super easy to smooth out and create that winged look that really opens up the eye area. 

5//  I finish by curling my lashes and applying several coats of mascara and wha-la…my eyes look WAAAAYYY better then if I didn’t take those 5 minutes to do this.

phoneoct2 009  

phoneoct2 008

There you have it…and looking at this I realize I really should moisturize better under by eyes, but one thing at a time…

I also fill in my brows which makes a difference too, but that info is for another beauty Wednesday.

Hope this helps give you some ideas and let’s you know you don’t have to spend a million hours perfecting your eye makeup to look done and awake.  I swear if you do this a few times you will get it down, and in no time it will take you only several minutes.

Good luck!!!

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