Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend, Wine and Class Reunions

Could I put more topics in the heading of this post?!?!

This weekend we did a TON of things…like it felt like I was never home, but it was all fun so I was ok with it.  Joe and I have both hit the age when it is time for our 15 year class reunion!!! I know to some that is nothing, but to us…right now…it feels crazy to think that high school was 15 years ago!  In so many ways it does seem like 15 years, so much has happened, we have lived soooo much…but in so many other ways I don’t feel 15 years removed from that time in my life.  There is something so fun about seeing people at your reunion you haven’t seen in awhile and reminiscing about old random things you used to do. 

I loved high school, I had and still have so many great friends from that time in my life.  Joe is the same way…he still has so many of the same friends he had in high school.  So, for us, reunions are fun.  I guess I should put in here that I can understand for some people how class reunions may not be the best thing…if you hated high school and remembering that time is the last thing you want to do… I can understand that.  For us, though, it is a happy time that we love remembering!

My class reunion was back in July before I jumped back on the blog train…so I won’t relive it now, but it was tons of fun.  Joe’s was this past weekend and it was also fun.  My favorite thing was that they had the 90’s Pandora station playing the entire time…so you continued to hear old school music that triggered even more memories then just old faces did.  So clever!

Unfortunately I took exactly two pictures…mostly because it wasn’t my reunion and I didn’t want to look like the crazy, creepy wife walking around with a giant camera taking pictures of people I had never met. So, instead I took a shameless selfie at dinner before…

phonesept3 005

and a picture of the cute and delicious cookies they had. I acted like I was getting one just to take a picture but I ate it on the way home…in almost one bite…so tasty!

phonesept2 011

The other super fun thing I did this weekend was attending my first ever paint and wine party.  I had seen these all over face book and really wanted to try it…I mean, I love painting and I REALLY love wine so duh!

When I got the invite to this I was super super excited and shelled out the $40 immediately…maybe a little too eager for a new group of girlfriends…but they should just know off the bat how much I love wine.  The $40 included all of our supplies (canvas, paint, brushes, smock) and one glass of wine. 

The company was called Wine & Canvas and they did a really great job.  They have everything set up for you when you get there and then they take you step by step(I heart NKOTB…anyone?)  thru the painting, making it simple to get the same end result as the original painting.  The instructor was really knowledgeable and came around asking if we needed help…which I did several times!  We all brought an appetizer and obviously sipped wine making the event so much fun.  The event was held at the cutest little winery called Sand Hallow.  The wine was delicious and since they don’t serve food you can bring in your own.  It was really pretty there,with a pond, great deck area…it would make a really cute date spot…if your husband likes wine, which mine does not,ugg!




**Thanks to Wine & Canvas for the pictures…I didn’t take a single one , except my finished product when I got home :(

phonesept2 020

At any rate…check out this company if you want to try one of these parties…so much fun!!

And because I can’t have a post without a picture of my adorable daughter I will leave you with this…have a great week!

phonesept2 003

(she just woke up…that mark is from her mattress, not a bump!)


  1. Hubby and I have been out of school for 15 year too. We didn't go to either one of our reunions. Our reasoning is pretty much everyone we went to school with still lives around here. Small town living I suppose!

    That wine and paint looks fun. I've saw so many people going to them. Your canvas ended up looking fantastic. I'd probably get drunk and mine would be a hot mess LOL

    That face, so precious!! Your daughter is just perfect :)

    1. Haha, I thought getting wine drunk would be a problem but I ended up concentrating so darn much I forgot to drink my wine...which never happens to me!