Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Over the weekend we went on a little date..YAY…and it wasn’t a complete bust like the last time we tried…double YAY!!! Friday night my mom had her art studio open for the First Friday Art Walk (side note:this happens every first friday of the month in downtown Zanesville…check it out because there are so many local talented artists!!!) and she suggested we drop Ellie off to hang out with her while we went and got dinner/drinks at the restaurant that is connected to her building. 

So we did….and it was very nice and relaxing to even just have that hour to be husband and wife and be on a date.  I highly recommend this!

And Ellie had fun with Nana too!

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Saturday Grandma MAC came to visit and we headed to the fair grounds for the farmers market and City Farm Day.  I had no idea they even did this…let alone this was the 20th annual!   Basically, it is a day where all the local farmers and organizations can set up stands with info and people that don’t live that lifestyle can come and see what it is all about.  This year the theme was “goats”…so they had goat crafts for the kids, tons of live goats for the kids to pet and see and other things that older kids probably would love but Ellie didn’t care about.  We walked around and Ellie got to see several goats, llamas, a kid holding a duck (random), a giant horse (she was not sure of this) and many other fun things. 

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Saturday night was the Buckeye game…it was on late…I fell asleep before it was over…hubby had to wake me up to give me the bad news…we lost :( UGGG!

But before I fell asleep Joe’s cousin Sarah and her husband Larry came for a visit. They had never met miss Ellie before and luckily little gal was all smiles for them and put on a show. 

 camerasept1 073

 camerasept1 070


Hope you had a great weekend too, maybe with less goats then we experienced…cheers to a great week!

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