Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was all about family…extended family.

We started the weekend off by watching the Buckeyes win their first game.  As I  mentioned in my previous post, we love Ohio State football (my husband used to help coach there) and we are both alumni so we were pretty excited for Ellie to watch her first game.  We know she didn’t really watch it…but it was still fun have her hang out with us for her first game.

Dad and Ellie at kickoff:

camera6438 009

and then she got tired and crashed out…but let’s talk about how much I love onesies with things on the butt!

camera6438 027

Later that day we headed to Columbus for a birthday dinner for Joe’s step mom.  We don’t get to see his dad and step mom very often so it was nice to see that side of the family.

Ellie with MaMa and PaPa French.

camera6438 055

Sunday we had a family reunion for my dad’s mom’s side of the family (you still with me) It was really nice to spend time with everyone relaxing, playing cornhole and drinking some “adult concoctions” as per the label.

zzzzz 035

Please take notice of the sweet camper behind my husband!

zzzzz 064

It was really humid and hot that day and I was sweating my…I was sweating a lot, so excuse my hot mess of a hairdo.

zzzzz 056

my sister, Molly, and her boyfriend Nate:

zzzzz 052

And, of course our family fave drink: Yuck-ums…basically lemons, sugar, ice and vodka. 

Shake it forever (it always blows to get suckered into that job)

zzzzz 001

and enjoy!

zzzzz 033

These things are soooooo good, but soooooo dangerous. They will catch up to you quick so be careful and enjoy them responsibly ;)

So, that was our fun and exhausting weekend.  Since we are usually found watching movies at home…this much action left all three of us tired and happy to relax on our couch, although it was super fun seeing everyone!!!

Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun as well and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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  1. What a great weekend! Looks like you all got in lots of family time. That is always the best :)