Monday, September 1, 2014

How to get on my blog

So I usually do a “weekend fun” post on Mondays recapping all of the fun things we did over the weekend. I was all set up to relax and organize my thoughts and pictures from the weekend when my sweet baby girl decided she should wake up and have a cry/scream/hunger/who the heck knows what else/…fit!

So…it is now too late and I am way too tired to put much thought into a post.

The weekend recap will have to wait until tomorrow…and I want to do one because we actually did things this weekend!!!

For now I will leave you with this:

Pictures of my two cousins, Morgan and Allie,  holding baby Ellie.  They came to visit her this weekend and asked me what they had to do to get on the blog (which I was very flattered by and thought was super cute ladies) I told them, “just ask or hang out with me cause my blog is about my life”… so I snapped a few pictures and here they are making the blog debut:

camera6438 018

Allie and Ellie:

camera6438 007

Morgan and Ellie:

camera6438 020

But seriously…I love that Morgan was in from out of town and wanted to stop and snuggle with Ellie (and meet her for the first time) …and I always love having Allie come visit (and so does Ellie)  geez…Allie/Ellie…try saying those names fast or in the same sentence!!!

Until tomorrow, when I will have more time and less screaming from the baby (hopefully)

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