Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beauty Wednesday

Who else is ready for fall weather?!?!?! Fall is my favorite season (when Ohio actually gives us a fall) I love football, the leaves changing, my birthday, all things apple and pumpkin, sweatpants, hoodies…

awww I could go on forever about how much I love fall!

With fall comes a change in your makeup and beauty routine, at least I always have fun doing this.  Gone are the pinks and lighter airy colors of spring and summer, hello to the darker, deeper beautiful colors for fall.

With fall on my mind my first favorite for this week is a beautiful lip gloss from Milani Cosmetics. The shade I am loving right now is called Mauve Fetish and it is perfect for fall! I have a slight obsession with lip glosses…it’s like the perfect thing to lighten my mood when I am down, lip-gloss always fits when other things don’t, and a bright lip-gloss can just brighten up your face so easily.  

My name is Abby and I am addicted to LIP GLOSS!!!!

At any rate, go get your hands on this…and the best part, it is only $4.99..what?!?!?  I got mine at K-Mart, but you can get it at Wal-Mart, CVS and many other places too.

My next favorite product for fall (and really any other season for that matter) is the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Palette. I know I have talked about this company before, but just know I will probably continue to include their products in my posts because I love SO MUCH from them and this product is no exception!!  You can buy it for $42 which may seem pricey, but you are getting so much and the quality of these shadows is A-MAZE-ING!!!! They are all matte shadows so they are good for people of all ages, the colors are beautiful and perfect for fall…even though they are a pressed powder shadow they are sooooo creamy and blend like a dream together.

If I could marry this palette I would, that is how much I love this thing!!!! (well, and still stay married to my husband…hmmm polygamy, maybe not)

Oh and as if I haven’t talked enough about this…there is one shadow down on the bottom right hand side that is shimmery, so you can blend it over any of the colors and get a pearl effect…or just use it as a highlighter.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Go buy it right now, I promise you won’t regret it. 

And, just in case you need further evidence of how amazing this is, go check out my favorite beauty vlogger Tiffany and her review of this. (she is doing a spring tutorial, but the colors are perfect for fall too)

My other go to for fall is bronzer and self tanners. As summer tans start to fade I know I crave that bronzed look. I just feel better with a healthy tan!  As we all know tanning beds are like the kiss of death, literally…so bronzers and self tanners it is!

My favorites are:

St. Tropez Mousse. You can get this at Ulta, Sephora and on the St. Tropez website for between $18-$42 depending on the size you buy.  I believe it comes with a little mitt glove thing to apply it which is nice cause no one wants orange tan palms.  My sister introduced me to this product a couple of years ago and it is really nice.  I usually use this when I want a really pretty, dark tan because this stuff gives the darkest most natural looking self tan I have found. It does require a little bit of effort and time to get it right which, as a new mama, I don’t always have but when I do…this is amazing.  Try it!

My favorite face self tanner is Fake Bakes Face.  It is also a little pricey at $30 but soooo worth it! It doesn’t break me out or turn me orange which is always a nice feature :) It also lasts a while so you don’t have to spend that very often.

My last favorite self tanner for an everyday type of look that is super easy to apply and you don’t have to worry about streaking too much is Body Drench Quick Tan Gradual self tanner tanning lotion in Medium. It runs around $10 which is totally affordable and you can purchase it thru amazon or at Sally Beauty Supply…and probably other places too but I am not sure. Like I said this is a gradual lotion, so you can apply it daily until you reach the color you want. It is perfect for new moms or people with little time on their hands because you just throw it on after the shower and go. I love this stuff!

Ok, wow, this post has gotten long…I love makeup and beauty products so what can I say!!!  I know I mentioned bronzers but I have not really found one I am in love with. I am currently using up stuff I have that is ok, but I will post when I do actually find one that I believe is a must have.   If you have any suggestions please let me know!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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