Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beauty Wednesday


Today is an extra special beauty Wednesday because I got my hair did today!!! I LOVE getting my hair cut and colored so much…something about freshening up your color and getting those dead ends cut out of your life…ahhhhh I just love it!

I will get to those pics later, but first let me share with you the best lip glosses!! My last beauty post I realized I shared some pretty pricey stuff…which I don’t use all expensive stuff AT ALL.  So today I wanted to share some cheap and great stuff.  NYX brand cosmetics are all pretty darn…good for a drugstore brand, like I love soooo many of their products, and I really love the prices. 

For example: Butter Gloss…only $5!!!!!!!! and they are amazing! Try these, you can’t go wrong. They are so buttery (duh, the name Abby!) but seriously, they are so smooth on your lips and pretty and I could go on forever and ever and ever about them.

NYX Butter Gloss Product Shot

**Photo thanks to the amazing blog : Beauty & Makeup Blog…you can check out her review of these HERE

Another favorite product of mine by NYX is the HD studio finishing powder. I use this stuff after I put on my foundation and concealer…it sets everything and keeps it all staying in place.  It is the perfect powder to give you that finished look without looking cakey…you look flawless, which who doesn’t want to look I right? Best part…it is only $10!!!!!

***photo thanks to blog Vanity Rouge, you can read her review HERE

I think you can only purchase NYX products from Ulta or directly from their website NYX cosmetics which kind of stinks…but it is totally worth either visiting Ulta or ordering some of these online.  They aren’t that expensive so if you hate them (which you won’t) you really aren’t out that much money.

Ok, so now for my hair!!!!

I wanted to have the ombre effect, but not too drastic…I also wanted some red undertones to it.  Lastly, I decided I wanted to cut a significant amount off (well for me) which ended up being about 4-5 inches! So this is the photo I showed my hair stylist, Lori, off of Pinterest.

phone z 052 

We talked about it…which I love when a stylist will look at pictures and actually chat with you about what exactly you like about the picture or what you don’t like.  For me, this was a little too red but I loved how the blonde wasn’t really drastic.  She used the ombre technique where she basically painted the highlights in my hair so that they would look more natural and I LOVE IT!!!!

Before picture (dirty and over grown hair…thank you dry shampoo)

phone z 056

The process:

phone z 057

phone z 060

<<<<DRUM ROLL>>>>


The finished product!!!!

phone z 067

phone z 066

phone z 065

And because I couldn’t get enough of my hair…selfies!

phone z 070

phone z 071

Love everything about this…the length is perfect…the color turned out exactly like I wanted. YAY for beauty Wednesday!!!

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