Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beauty Wednesday-Nail Polish Edition

Today I thought I would entice you with nail polish…my other love besides lip gloss, family and wine!

Little fun fact: After college I went to school to get my esthetician and nail tech license.  I don’t actually work using those right now, but I did finish and loved every minute of it…so I have loved all things beauty forever, enough to go to school to learn more about it!!!

Nail polish. 

I collect it…I love it…I have a ton of it…

phonesept4 009

phonesept4 010

Yeah…it’s a problem!

So I thought I would tell you how I do my nails every single time and then give you some of my favorite polishes.

I usually end up doing my nails once or twice a week, depending on if I have time.  I don’t do the gel or UV polish because I change my mind too much. 

The first true step is the huge life altering decision of what color polish to use!!! Such anxiety…I usually grab a few and ask my poor husband to pick which one I should use. He has finally given in and just chooses rather then saying he doesn’t care…love him!

one// Trim Nails:  I personally hate when my nails are long so the first thing I do (after removing old polish) is to trim those daggers with cheap finger nail clippers. 

two// File Nails: I then file them using a glass file.  I have found that glass files last a heck of a lot longer then regular ones, and they are gentle on your nails. Once I tried glass I have never gone back! My favorite shape for my nails is the “squoval”…square and oval combined.

three// Prep Nails: I apply a product called Bond aid by OPI…it helps to remove all oils on my nails so that the polish sticks. You could probably get away with just using nail polish remover again for this step if you don’t feel like buying an extra product.  This was just a little secret we learned in school and I have done ever since.  (product on the far left below)

phonesept4 007

four// Base Coat:  Next I apply my base coat. I have come to love a ridge filling base coat.  My nails don’t really have many ridges, but I like this because it comes out on your nail a little milky which I feel helps make the color look more even when you apply on top.  The added benefit is that if you do have any uneven areas on your nails this helps to smooth everything out.  My favorite is the Seche Base seen above in the middle. 

five//Apply Polish: I ALWAYS apply two coats of color, but sometimes I also apply three depending on the brand (Essie) and the color. My favorite brands of polish are OPI and Essie. I find Essie to have trendier color  options but the actual product is more shear so three coats is usually a must.  OPI tends to have more every day colors and usually two coats is all it takes.

six//Top Coat: My absolute favorite and go to top coat is Seche Vete. I used this in school and have used ever since…I have gotten tons of my friends to try and fall in love with it too.  It is fast drying and thicker so it really smoothes out any problem areas you might have in the polish. It leaves your nails super shiny and helps the polish last longer.

I let me nails dry for a bit…honestly I usually paint my nails in bed on a book and then turn my light off and lay there with my hands at my side super still until I fall asleep.  It’s the only time I don’t need my hands with Ellie around! Also, this is the exact steps I use when doing my toe nails as well.

Favorite color time!! I just recently went and got this little sample pack of the new OPI fall/winter colors (well, four of them…not ALL of them)

phonesept4 002

Twice a year OPI comes out with a new collection and I am always like a kid at Christmas waiting to see what they will come out with. Most times I love some of the colors and others are just ok. This year I really love most of the Nordic collection.  I ended up using the purpleish one second from the left and was a little nervous at first because after the first coat is screamed “17 year old girl purple” but after three coats I am in love! It is the perfect blend of trendy and subtle. The color is called “Do you have this color in Stock-holm?” (gotta love nail polish names…dream job: nail polish namer?!?!)

phonesept4 005

How tiny is that bottle?!?!  So this is a new favorite of mine…kind of wish I got a bigger bottle.

My other go to favorites currently, and for awhile now are pictured below.

phonesept4 008

Favorite nude: Essie Mademoiselle, perfect combo of pink and beige. Def need three coats!

Favorite Red: OPI Big Apple Red, LOVE this. It is the perfect red, not too bright but just bright enough. I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear this.

Newer Favorite: Essie Recessionista. I think this came out last year, but I have really loved the brighter berry color…perfect for fall!

Old Faithful: OPI My Private Jet. I have loved this color for awhile now. It is the perfect darker color with sparkle…but not the annoying sparkles that take a year to get off your nails.  It is sooooo pretty and trendy and professional. I LOVE IT!!!

So those are my nail polish tips and favorites. Hope this helps or inspires you to try a new color!

Happy Hump Day!!!


  1. I love nail got a great collection. wow

    1. Thanks! I have an addiction and buy it ALL. THE. TIME. :)