Tuesday, September 9, 2014

8 months old!!!

I probably say this every single month…but I cannot believe little miss Ellie is already 8 months old!!!

Can we just take a second to compare her 8 month and 1 month pictures!!! So stinking cute…

camerasept2 001

and how tiny was she?!?! (and surprised by the camera apparently)Turns out little gal had chubby cheeks from month one too!

blah6 059

Ok, so on to more from her 8 month photo shoot…I try to act like a professional photog, it works sometimes…and not so much other times but whatevs.

camerasept2 013 

P.S. I made her bow myself…hand sewn flowers…in case anyone was thinking to themselves “wow that headband is super cute” More on this little business venture to come, stay tuned!

camerasept2 023 

And just because I take waaaaay too many pictures and I think these are super cute.

camerasept1 013

camerasept1 028

 camerasept1 041

I know I haven’t done any monthly updates on here which I kick myself all the time for not doing…but I thought I would start now, 8 months late but better then never I guess.

Weight: 21 lbs 8 oz. (95%)

Sleeping: She is the WORST napper in the history of baby napping…like maybe 30 minutes in the morning and maybe 30 minutes in the afternoon, if we are lucky.  BUT, she usually sleeps 12 hours at night pretty much straight thru.  Lately she has been waking up every couple of hours fussy, but only sometimes do we need to go in and calm her down.  Bedtime is 7pm-7am…so that is really nice. 

Teeth: she is just now starting to get  a little tooth.  Teething hasn’t been too terrible, she has just been sort of clingy and winey and a tiny bit extra slobbery…I assume the waking up at night also has to do with teething.  We have had the amber teething necklace on her from early on, and I really believe it has made a difference. We also use the Hyland Baby Teething Tablets and Tylenol as needed.

Crawling: She is not crawling yet, but she rolls her happy butt all over the place. If she needs to get something she rolls, angles herself again, rolls some more, angles again…until she gets there.

Likes:  She loves her bouncy seat/jumperoo thing (as seen above). She loves rolling around and playing with her toys.  She is finally starting to like books.  We have tried to read to her since she was born, but she was not interested AT ALL until recently.  She loves listening to music…especially mickey mouse and raffi. S

Dislikes: Loud noises…including the vacuum and the hair dryer. She has started to not like when we leave her in a room alone.

Food: She has finally started to like eating, just in time for mommy to change it up on her and start introducing more finger foods and texture.  She doesn’t really have any absolute favorites, she seems to like most food we have given her: apples, sweet potatoes, pear, pumpkin, avocado, banana, squash, peas, carrots, flax…

Words: She hasn’t really said any actual words but she does say the “ba, ba, ba” sound.  She may have said “da da da” a few times but we aren’t really sure because it is so close to the “ba” sound we can’t tell if we are just hoping she says “da”. Oh well, in no time she will be chatting it up and we will long for the days of silence,ha! She has started laughing and giggling so much more and smiles at us all the time. She has also discovered she can scream so that’s super fun.

So there you have it…her 8 month stats.  This age has been so fun ,with lots of smiles and we are looking forward to so many more fun times!

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