Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend fun…kind of

Hello and happy Monday to everyone!  Our weekend was another one of those crazy, super amazing ones. SIKE (do people still say that anymore…they should) But in all seriousness our weekend wasn’t toooooo bad. Let me start with these beautiful flowers my very romantical (people should use that word too…even if i just made it up) husband brought home for me.  He can be so sweet some most of the time!

camera6434 002

Isn’t the color so pretty…it sort of looks like the pantone color of the year, whatever that was…purple-ish of some sort.

So my weekend started off nice. 

Saturday Joe worked so I tried to entertain myself and my daughter by doing what I do…take pictures:

camera6434 013

camera6434 024

camera6434 033

Kid loves being outside, so when it is nice and not too hot I try to get her out in either the backyard or for a walk. This picture was taken at the top of a giant (for me pushing her chubby butt up it) hill. The view is really pretty so I always stop and take it all in…and catch my breath, but if you walk by I am trying to pretend I am just taking it all in. And sorry for the crappy quality of the picture…it was with my phone and I was mildly winded.

phone574 033

Sunday…oh Sunday…we thought we would have a great day date going to see a movie.  Joe had one movie in mind: “Let’s Be Cops” and I had another one in mind “If I Stay” and neither of us really wanted to see the other ones movie.  So then I suggested “The Giver” and he suggested “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”…we couldn’t decide so we did what any normal family does…let our daughter pick from a hat.  We wrote down all four with the rule that no matter what was chosen that was what we would see.  Ellie reached in:

phone574 026

And picked (TMNT…my husband wrote it):

phone574 022

So good old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it was…but then we dropped Ellie off at my parents and went to BW3’s and had a few beers and ate some food and discovered this beer called Curious Traveler Shandy…soooo good!

phone574 030

and then came to the conclusion, we didn’t really want to spend the $16 on a movie neither one of us really wanted to see that much.  Honestly, movies right now are not that awesome…or at least we don’t think so. Have you seen any lately that are worth the big bucks to see in the theatre?!?!?! 

At any rate…we proceeded to drive around for a few minutes aimlessly, then went to the mall and bought Ellie some clothes, had another drink at the mall restaurant bar and called it quits.  We really need to step up our dates!!!!

In all seriousness we really should have just went home and taken a nap cause we were both soooooo tired, but we tried.  This dating thing with a smaller baby is not easy. (but that is a post for tomorrow) Luckily we enjoy each other’s company and sitting at a bar chatting it up is fun to us so the date wasn’t a complete bust :)

We finished the weekend with bath time for Ellie, which she loves

phone574 014

and a selfie (naturally) before bedtime!

phone574 013

I joke, but really I love my weekends with my little family! We hope you had a great weekend too spending time with family, drinking a few cold ones, or just rebooting for the work week!!!

Catch you tomorrow…

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